Brew Review – Anniversary Ciders at 3 Daughters @3dbrewing

It’s amazing the sheer crowd of people that hang out at 3 Daughters Brewing on a normal weekend day. And I say people, since the crowd there is made up of a fairly large amount of families.

For anyone that complains that kids shouldn’t be allowed in breweries need to come to St. Pete and see this. Kids running around and dancing, dogs hanging out, adults enjoying drinks, and no one is having a bad time.

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Brewery Visit – West Palm Brewery and Wine Vault @wpbrewery_

There was a time, not that long ago, that the city of West Palm Beach wasn’t necessarily jazzed about the idea of a brewery in its pristine downtown locale.

These days are a little bit different now, and some months ago Palm Beach opened its first brewery, West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault, located at 332 Evernia Street. It’s a stone’s throw from the new BrightLine station, and just steps away from the city’s lively Clematis Street.

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Brewery Visit – Tidal Brewing Co. @TidalBrewingCo

I have to start off by saying that the new Tidal Brewing Company in Spring Hill has the greatest on-stage brewing system ever.

So it’s a little odd to say this, but Hernando County is starting to get some teeth in the craft brewing explosion. If you’ve never heard of Hernando County, I am not surprised. It’s north of Pasco County, which sits north of Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, putting it about an hour away from Tampa and St Pete.

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Brew Review – Pinellas Ale Works, June ’18 @pawbeer

It’s always nice to meet the person behind the beer that you’re drinking.

Not that the beer isn’t good, but you get that additional enjoyment out of knowing the background and purpose behind the beers that you’re enjoying.

And so it was on a recent trip to St Petersburg I sat down with Dennis Decker, co-owner and brew master at Pinellas Ale Works. As is a common story in modern craft beer, Dennis had been brewing for several years at home, honing his talents on traditional German styles that he (and I) are fond of.

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Brew Review – Ciders at 3 Daughters Brewing June ’18 @3dbrewing

Ah, yes. The cider game is strong at 3 Daughters Brewing.

What started as an interesting side project has grown into a rather substantial part of the 3 Daughters identity. And that’s for good reason, since these ciders are incredibly flavorful, incredibly inventive, and push the boundaries of what I thought ciders could do.

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