Brew Review – Rainbow Colored Glasses by Ology Brewing @OlogyBrewing

Growing up, Publix used to sell sherbet in clear plastic tubs. This was a long time ago, back when the ice cream came in standard issue bricks and the checkouts still gave out those green stamps. While I loved the old Publix sherbets, especially the now long discontinued mamey flavor, they also had an awesome rainbow sherbet.

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Brew Review – Quaker Goats by Leaven Brewing @LeavenBrewing

First, congratulations to Jillian and KJ Lynch, owners at Leaven Brewing, for their new assistant brewer born only a few weeks ago. Trust me, it’s quite a ride.

Second, I find it funny to be doing that on a review of an oatmeal stout since I know exactly how much oatmeal played a role in the first few years of my own daughter’s life.

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Brew Review – Chica by Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery @LegacyBrewery

In a world of triple dry-hopped, barrel-aged, adjunct-heavy beers, it seems almost anathema for me to drink a blonde ale.

It’s silly, but there’s so much craft out there that beer drinkers are supposed to be getting hot and bothered for, that the simple blonde ale seems to have gone by the wayside. But it is a solid beer to drink, an important beer to make, and just something easy on a night we don’t want anything too complex.

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Brew Review – Mezkin Blackbird by Arcane Aleworks

I’m not even sure how I’m supposed to start this post. I’m just thinking that if there is a blackbird that sings the way Mezkin Blackbird (Gose, 5.1% ABV) tastes, then this particular blackbird sounds like an auto-tuned explosion at a razor blade infested accordion factory.

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Brew Review – Fuzzy Huggers by Magnanimous Brewing

I miss shag carpeting.

Correction, I missed shag carpeting, as in I was not around for its short-lived and mercifully extinct time frame.

Big overstuffed fluffy blankets, however? I’m totally game. I am not afraid to assert my love exceptionally soft blankets and everything they are.

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Brew Review – Deep F*%#ing Value by Hourglass Brewing @hourglassbrew at @fattapbeerbar

I don’t know anything about investing. I could care less about hedge funds, I don’t play stocks, and every time I think of the movie Wall Street I want to punch a banker in the face.

I know even less about silly things like Dogecoin and the massive stock market situation that recently affected corporations like AMC Theatres and GameStop.

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