Brewery Visit – Crazy Uncle Mike’s @crazyunclemike4

Crazy Uncle Mike’s in Boca Raton is, for lack of a better term, a lot. The space has been around since the seventies, I believe, with a rotating list of restaurants that had the same theme, same menu, and ultimately shared the same fate.

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Brew Review – Kapitan’s Kolsch by Biscayne Bay Brewing @biscaynebaybrew

I may have said this more than once over the past couple of weeks, but I’ve been on a big Kolsch kick recently.

I hadn’t really seen the style all that much, especially when I was starting off beer blogging. If you wanted something light and crisp, you either went for a Pilsner and had to settle for whatever hops they decided to throw in, or you went for a blond ale and sort of hoped that the brewer was gentle.

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Brew Review – SebastianStrongSaison by The Tank & Sebastian Strong @thetankbrewing @sebsstrong

Sebastian Ortiz is not a name known to many people.

He was a South Florida teenager, born to his parents Oscar and Rose, on his mother’s birthday. 15 years into his life, Sebastian was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

And while there were many treatments and many attempts of chemotherapy, Sebastian left this world at the age of 17. That led his father Oscar into a bewildering look into the very sparse nature of research and understanding of children’s cancer.

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Brew Review – Spring Beers at Palm City Brewing @EsteroBrewer

I have said it to many people already, but Palm City Brewing in Fort Myers is, to me, the high-water mark when it comes to family-friendly breweries.

That is something that is incredibly important to me, as my wife and I want to be able to go someplace and not have to figure out with whom to leave our three-year-old daughter. Why not bring her with us, and so everybody can be happy at the same time?

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Brew Review – Hold the G by Bangin’ Banjo @banginbanjobrew

I have been on a Kolsch kick lately.

I can’t totally explain why, but for some reason a nice, clean golden ale seems immensely appealing these days. The kolsch is something THAT fits that bill absolutely perfectly.

As a style, it is perfectly crisp and clean and instantly appealing, as it will go with pretty much anything and everything. Of course, that’s how I would label a good many other styles, such as the cream ale. One of the Florida breweries that has really taken the cream ale and exploded it is Pompano’s Bangin Banjo Brewing.

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Brew Review – Lager by Steam Horse Brewing

When it comes to brewing in Palm Beach County, the person you need to look to for starters is Fran Andrewlevich. He’s a pretty awesome guy, very tall, and he really started it off with the opening of Tequesta Brewing in Tequesta.

They were around for many, many years, before Fran decided to double up, not with another Tequesta Brewing, but with a whole new concept, Twisted Trunk Brewing off of PGA Boulevard. Both of those have done quite well for themselves, but it looks like Fran got the itch again.

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Florida Beer Blog turns 5 years old!

Today is quite the auspicious day, as it marks the 5th anniversary of Florida Beer Blog!

Since being created while sitting in a comfortable easy chair in Tampa, the blog has had close to a thousand articles, and we’ve watched the burgeoning craft beer scene here in Florida take off with wild abandon.

It’s been an interesting ride, I’ve done a number of things that I never thought that I would be able to do, and met some very amazing people.

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