Brew Review – Tropicrystal by La Tropical

The fun thing about La Tropical is when they release a beer, sometimes you get a strong dose of history behind it.

Such is the case with Tropicrystal. And it’s funny, because when you take a look at La Tropical, it’s a brewery that in many ways was launched by a beer and not a beer that was launched by a brewery.

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Brew Review – Shanco Dubh by Gulfstream Brewing

I know of collaborations.

Anybody giving even a cursory glance at the craft beer industry knows collaborations.

This beer, however … this beer is something else entirely. This is a recipe share, almost like an exchange student. It didn’t happen because of any sort of collaboration, not because of some sort of charity, just a good, simple recipe share. And that recipe was originally created by Brehon Brewhouse in County Monahan, Ireland.

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Brew Review – Maduro by Cigar City

It’s like a visit from an old friend.

One of the original beers that got me started on this beer blogging journey was Maduro, the classic brown ale from Cigar City Brewing in Tampa.

It was one of my absolute favorites. On my first visit to the brewery in Tampa, I remember going straight for what they called Oduram, which is (of course) Maduro spelled backwards. It was named as such since that beer was their original recipe for this serviceable workhorse of a brown ale.

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Brew Review – Peaches R Punk by Pareidolia Brewing

When it comes to taking a blonde ale and treating it with fruit, you get certain fruits that are on heavy rotation.

Usually berries: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, things of that nature. If they’re small and tart, brewers are going to be using it sooner rather than later.

The larger that fruit gets, the less likely you are to see it.

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Brew Review – Rising Hope by Florida Avenue and Cigar City

There are few people on this planet (none, I would hope) that would consider pediatric cancer to be anything but truly horrendous. Having the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation supporting a beer to raise funds in every state to fight this scourge is laudable to say the least.

In operation, there are some little differences from other known charitable beers. Instead of trying to get as many breweries as possible to participate, they only permit one brewery per state.

There’s a solid reason for that, as the hops and malt are being graciously donated by Yakima Hops and Country Malt Group. Obviously they can’t donate to every single brewery in the country, so Rising Hope tends to be limited in materials and, as a result, creation.

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Brew Review – Riot Juice by Hidden Springs Ale Works

There are certain breweries that can be counted on to deliver, and deliver big, when it comes to certain styles. If you’re looking for a solid fruit forward Berliner Weiss, Hidden Springs in Tampa is always a good choice.

Grab pretty much any of their uniquely overly designed cans (and I’d love to learn a little bit more about those cans in the near future), and you are sure to have something that is fruity and tart and a lot of fun.

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Brew Review – Bratwurst by Strange Beast

I’m going to give a big, amazing shoutout to Strange Beast for a couple of reasons.

First of all, be ready for where it’s located. It’s not that it’s a bad section of town, that particular area of Kendall it a little colorful in a fun way.

It’s more the fact that Strange Beast Brewing is located in what used to be an old convenience store, and it’s very clearly an old convenience store due to the layout, location, and the fact that the rest of the tiny strip mall that it’s located in is devoted to car repair of some fashion or another.

It’s amazing.

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