Brew Review – April 2021 at Beat Culture Brewing

It’s always something new from Alan Espino and his team at Beat Culture, both to beer drinkers and Miami in general. And so it was with bated breath that Producer Steve and I made the drive down to MIA to sample a couple more beers and record an update interview for the Florida Beer Podcast.

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Brew Review – Clubhouse by Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery @LegacyBrewery

I am a sucker for theming. Chalk it up to a childhood lived in Orlando, but if you can give me fake spaceship or demolished wasteland or tropical garden and make it actually look good, I am all in. It’s dumb, but I love it.

And of all the breweries in Florida to decide to go this route, Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery might be the most surprising.

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Brew Review – Curtain Up by Bay Cannon @baycannonbeer @curtainupbeer

Support live theatre.

It’s easy to sit at home and watch something on TV, but there is something truly magical about live theatre that cannot be replicated in any other form. Unfortunately, because of COVID 19, live theatre, live arts, live performances, and so on have been hit extraordinarily hard.

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Brew Review – Martzen by Khoffner Brewing

“We keep our Martzen on year-round.”

And with that, I knew I had heard the best beer words that have ever been spoken.

The Martzen is absolute favorite of mine, resplendent in it’s grainy goodness and saddled with the often frustrating tradition of only being brewed during Oktoberfest. There are some people that are purists about recipes, Rauf Khoffner of Khoffner Brewing being one of those, but thankfully that puritanical streak ends at traditional scheduling.

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