Brew Review – I Know You, You Know You, and I Know You Know That I Know You by J. Wakefield Brewing and Charles Towne Fermentory

Hands down the longest beer name I’ve ever put on this blog.

And if it wasn’t for the label art, I would have absolutely no way to figure the reference, since I have sadly never seen the movie Dodgeball.

To be honest, there are many beers that cross my path whose names, or at least the references, I simply do not know. There’s plenty of Old School references out there, and more than enough other ones, but this was easy since the label art for I Know You, You Know You, and I Know You Know That I Know You (Northeast Style, 7% ABV) is literally written on a dodge ball.

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Brewery Visit – Pontoon Brewing

Once you land at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, hop on the MARTA Red Line and take it all the way north. You’ll be in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

From there, you’ll have to get a car ride or something to make it out to the original home of Pontoon Brewing. This location was Pontoon’s sole facility since opening in 2017, and until very, very recently was where all Pontoon production had taken place. If you find a can of Pontoon Brewing here in Florida, right when this article is getting published, the odds are very good it was brewed in Sandy Springs.

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Brew Review – Wavy Weiss by Tequesta Brewing

When I go to a brewery that I technically have not set foot in before, and the ownership or Brewer (or both) asks me what I would like, I basically give them free reign.

It’s like going to a chef’s table at a fine restaurant. Why should I be bothered with my own ideas when you clearly know your product better than I do?

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Brew Review – Jittery 2.0 by Side Door Brewing

There’s so many things that I would mention about this beer, talking about Side Door or Port St. Lucie, or the Treasure Coast, or a bunch of others topics.

I have to forgo a lot of that to describe what is quite possibly the best coffee beer I’ve ever had. And I say that with no shortage of irony.

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Brew Review – Florida Strong by Unseen Creatures (and many many others)

Hurricane Ian unexpectedly ravaged the west coast of Florida in late September of 2022. Floridians, always being a group that is no stranger to both receiving disasters and mobilizing to help clean up after them, immediately sprang into action.

I found out about this when I got a phone call from Matt Berg at Riptide Brewing in Naples. He had been in communication with Dave Lester, brewmaster at Unseen Creatures in Miami, about a beer that they wanted to create to help raise funds for those that were affected in Lee and Collier counties.

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Brew Review – Batman by Prison Pals

Let’s just sidestep any potential for IP violation and talk merely about the joys of the Hispanic section at Publix.

If you look there (and this may actually spill over to the fruit juice section), they always have a fantastic lineup of nectars and purees.

Guava, mango, papaya and all sorts of awesome juices that I never saw growing up. This is what I am reminded of every time I crack open a smoothie sour.

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Brew Review – Juice Lord and Savior by Magnanimous Brewing

If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, do yourself a favor and hop the MARTA train over to Decatur just to go to The Brick Store Pub.

It is an amazing 130-year-old building that has become a shrine to the joys of proper, and I do mean proper, beer service. Every single beer is meticulously poured and served in the correct glassware. Most of the time that glassware is properly labeled with the correct brewery’s logo.

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