Brewery Visit – JDub’s Brewing @jdubsbrewing

For being just outside the Tampa-St. Pete area, the Sarasota-Bradenton region has more than its fair share of craft beer heavy hitters. One of the biggest is JDubs, outfitted firmly in the industrial space of the city of Sarasota itself.

The founder, Jeremy “Jdub” Joerger, has a very interesting brewing background and an even more interesting interviewing style. Hopefully you have listened to the full interview with him on the Florida Beer Podcast. If you haven’t, take a few minutes and avail yourself with this particular auditory treat.

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Sponsored Post – Reviewing the NewAir “Beers of the World” Custom Designed 126-Can Beer Fridge

Let me go ahead and throw my hat into the ring with a review of my brand new beer fridge, the NewAir “Beers of the World” Beer Fridge.

And it’s even been decorated for Halloween!

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Brewery Visit – Orchestrated Minds Brewing

There is an interesting revitalization coming along in downtown Fort Lauderdale. If you’re familiar with the stretch along Broward Blvd., the southern half is home to a vibrant nightlife community, the Museum of Science and Discovery, and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

The north side, however, isn’t necessarily the best of neighborhoods at this time. It’s coming along, though, and there are a lot of new businesses that understand the time it takes to build up a vibrant and thriving district that will attract more people to the area.

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Brew Review – Root Beer Porter by Hop Life Brewing @hoplifebrewing

It’s always fun to see when a single beer is the impetus to launch an entire brewery. And it’s even better when you get to celebrate that brewery’s anniversary.

Such is the case with Hop Life Brewing in Port St Lucie. They are celebrating their 2-year anniversary this weekend, so a well-deserved congratulations to them.

One of the beers that I hope they will have on tap is the unique monstrosity that is their Root Beer Porter (Porter, 5.5% ABV, 34 IBU).

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Brew Review – Wicked Dolphin Rum-aged Mariana Trench and more by Due South Brewing @duesouthbrewing @wickedolphin

Beer is beer and beer is good, but it’s always magical when the rum fairy shows up on my door.

Not only have I always been more of a rum drinker when it comes to liquors, but there is a certain satisfaction I get from knowing I can purchase an alcoholic product whose ingredients come entirely from within the state of Florida.

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Brew Review – Appleseed Orchard at Epcot Food & Wine feat. @miabeerco @playalindabrews @seadogbrewing @waltdisneyworld

They can advertise against it all they want, but Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is more of a draw for locals that it is for tourists. If you go there, and I recommend you do, you’ll notice then at the event basically turns into Club Epcot in the evening, chock-full of twenty and thirty-somethings drinking a lot of alcohol carrying around more little finger plates than you can shake a stick at.

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Brew Review – Hearth and Harvest by Motorworks Brewing @motorworksbrew @buddybrewcoffee @rollinoatsbeers

Ah, the winter solstice.

The time when Earth’s axis is farthest away from the Sun. The coldest, darkest days which marked an ending of the current time and a rebirth into a new year. When the elder gods received blessings to ensure an excellent harvest of crops in the coming spring and summer months.

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