Brew Review – Current Beers at 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

As in really current. Go now current. 

But it’s always a delight to go to 3 Daughters in St. Pete. The team there is always warm and welcoming, with incredibly kind and personable people like Jackie available to people like me to ask a ton of questions to. Heck, Jackie made sure my daughter got her juice box before my wife and I got our beers. Things like that make a dad happy. 

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Brewery Visit – Florida Avenue/Brew Bus @floridaavebrew @brewbususa

Florida Avenue Brewing and Brew Bus Brewing weren’t always the same. In fact, the merger is still pretty recent. 

Opened by founder Bruce Talcot as Cold Storage Brewing in 2010 in the shell of a former grocery store along – you guessed it – Florida Avenue in Tampa, the company changed their name to Florida Avenue in 2013. Beers were brewed on site and distributed in bottles, later cans. 

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Brew Review – Southern Exposure by Civil Society Brewing

Abacoa is to Jupiter, FL. Much the same way that Celebration is to Kissimmee. I’ve spent my share of time in Celebration, so Abacoa was pretty familiar.

They’re both planned communities with their respective municipalities, tightly controlled by a management corporation, and home to a community that tends to skew mostly to DINKs in their late 20’s to late 30’s.

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Brew Review – Raging Blonde by Veterans United @vubrew

It is quite inspiring to see how much love for our nation’s Armed Forces exists within the craft beer community. While most breweries are not owned or operated by veterans, almost all of them will pay tribute to these heroes in one fashion or another. 

But then you do get some that are veteran-owned, such is the case with Jacksonville’s Veterans United. Co-owner, brewmaster, and Navy veteran Ron Gamble, along with his wife Cheryl, opened the brewery in 2013. Several of their staff share a miliary background, all of which are prominently featured on the VU website. 

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Brewery Visit – Ten10 Brewing

A long time ago (and I’m dating myself a bit), there used to be a massive lumber yard in Orlando known as Mills & Nebraska. Beginning business as Central Florida Lumber and Supply Co., it was located – quite obviously – at the then sleepy intersection of Mills Ave. and Nebraska, roughly halfway between Little Vietnam and Loch Haven Park.

The lumber portion, and the land on which it was located, was sold for redevelopment in 2005. That redevelopment became a major portion of the Mills50 district, a mixed use facility with residences, shopping, dining, etc. There are a few warehouse-looking buildings there as well. In one corner of one of those warehouses, situated along the Orlando Urban Trail and close to Mills Ave., is 1010 Virginia Drive. 

At this point you should be able to guess where its tenant, Ten10 Brewing, got its name. 

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Brewery Visit – Six Ten Brewing @sixtenbrewing

Six Ten Brewing’s Co-Founder/Head Brewer/Co-owner Chris Johnson said it best: Six Ten Brewing is basically the second cell phone lot for Tampa International Airport. 

With their location in Tampa’s Town & Country neighborhood, there’s very few breweries that are closer. And with the beers he has on tap, there are definitely few placed to be that would be better.  

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Brew Review – Rome City IPA by BrewHub

The city of Lakeland, Fl. is situated about 30 or so minutes east of Tampa. It was founded by Kentucky native Abraham Munn in 1885, started by his purchase of 80 acres three years prior. The city’s name comes from the many lakes in the area, 38 of which are properly named and serve as landmarks for residents. 

Munn was far from being one of the first residents of the area, as native Timacua, Tocobago, and Calusa natives were there over 12,000 years ago. Those natives ended up being some of the earliest ancenstors of the modern Seminole tribe. And while those ancient peoples held a great deal of sway in shaping and building the Florida Gulf Coast, they didn’t factor into the nomenclature of the young municipality. 

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Brew Review – Guava Libre by Funky Buddha/The Bruery @funkybuddhabrew @thebruery

I am dedicating this review to my friend Javier. The first time I wrote a review of a beer inspired by the guava pastelito, he was the one to help me with the translation. I also came into work the next day to find a giant box of this Cuban guava pastries sitting on my desk. 

Not that I was expecting them. It was just a nice surprise. And they’re pretty easy to source in South Florida. Not so much in Orange County, CA, apparently. 

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