Brew Review – Sunset Beach Bikini Ale by Two Henrys Brewing @twohenrysbeer

​Not going to lie, it’s a bit jarring to see how radically the artwork for today’s beer differs from the rest of the Two Henry’s lineup. Everything they make has the classic, steampunk-esque historical bent stemming from the inspiration behind their namesakes. 

Going from those to Sunset Beach Bikini Ale (Kolsch, 4.3% ABV) is a little like flipping away from History Channel and straight to Beach Blanket Bingo. 

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Brew Review – Kombuchas from Farm Boy Produce

​I’ve come to the conclusion that kombucha isn’t traditionally exactly like beer, but since it shares methods, care, and culture (no pun intended), it deserves a good mention every now and again on this humble blog.  

And much like beer and the occasional distilled spirits that grace this site, it’s readily available and easy to find a local brewer that’s producing their heart out to make something that’s uniquely Florida. Today we will focus on another of those someones, Farm Boy Produce from Orlando. 

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Brew Review – True Blonde by Tampa Bay Brewing Co. @tbbco @sipthesunshine

Today’s Sip The Sunshine is going to start on a bit of a downer, I admit. 

That downer comes from the rapidly dwindling population of the Florida Panther, Florida’s Official State Animal. They’re endangered, and the population has been declining as long as I can remember. 

Encroaching development, loss of their native Florida Everglades, and the high rates of deaths along Alligator Alley have all contributed to the state’s loss of this majestic cat.  Continue reading

Brew Review – Fire In The Hole by Funky Buddha Brewing @funkybuddhabrew

This is completely random, but apparently there is a Funky Buddha nightclub in LA that shows up every time I look for Funky Buddha images online. 

Personally, I think the brewery in Oakland Park is vastly superior to any building where a Kardashian might be scurrying around. I’d digress, but how can you hate a place that makes brews like Fire In The Hole (Red Ale, 5.4% ABV, 15 IBU).

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Brewery Visit – Angel City Brewery @angelcitybeer @grovetoberfest

​Grovetoberfest is back, coming on Oct. 15th. Frankly speaking, the list of participating breweries is nothing short of fantastic. While there are some obvious breweries, some new breweries, and some really interesting breweries, there aren’t too many shocking breweries. 

With the exception of Angel City. 

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Brew Review – Chocolate Porter by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

​I love sneak previews. It’s kinda fun to get to try things well before the general public. 

I also don’t like sneak previews. It’s hard to have to wait until news is officially released before describing that preview I got to try. 

Such is life. Such is also the bottle I got surreptitiously gifted by the wonderful people at 3 Daughters in St. Pete. That bottle contained the first taste of what has now been released as Chocolate Porter (Porter, 6.9% ABV).

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Brew Review – Tropical Heatwave by Cigar City Brewing @cigarcitybeer @wmnf

​WMNF in Tampa is one of those great radio stations that feels graciously untouched by the corporate auspices of Big Music. It’s nice to know that if I ever tune in (and I can whenever I want, because internet), I won’t get a pre-manufactured, auto-tuned pop princess. No, I got early demo Nirvana, and now the theme song to Twin Peaks and they’re playing it just because they can. 

And Deep Forest. I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear Deep Forest on a radio station. 

It’s almost entirely listener supported since it started in 1979, all of their non-NPR DJs are volunteers, and music runs the gamut of hip-hop, roots, alternative, rock, reggae, and more.  It’s quite awesome and worth a listen. Continue reading

Brew Review – 1890 Founder’s Ale by Grayton Beer Co. @graytonbeer

​More than one person has told me that the Florida panhandle works less like a part of Florida and more like South Alabama. 

That explains why it’s really difficult to find panhandle beers in most of the state. It also explains why I had to travel to a completely different state to find some of those beers on tap, namely Grayton Beer. Of the beers I had the choice in trying, I picked their 1890 Founder’s Ale (Amber Ale, 6.1% ABV, 42 IBU). 

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