Event – Craft Beers Released Across Carnival Cruise Lines Fleet @Carnival

It is amazing to see how much Carnival Cruise Lines is doubling down on their new-found love for craft beer.

But it’s an interesting story, and I will tell you the entire story as my beautiful wife and I lived it.

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Brew Review – Full Gorilla by Due South Brewing and The KVJ Show @duesouthbrewing @kvjshow

I really want to be able to start off this blog post saying something erudite and mature about Jason Pennington from the KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF. But his current hobby involves taking pictures of himself wearing nothing but a slice of pizza.

It’s on Instagram, I don’t recommend that you check get out, and that’s how we’re going to start a blog post about Full Gorilla.

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Brew Review – Lucky’s 185 Ale by Saltwater Brewery @saltwaterbrewer @luckysmarket

Lucky’s, that grocery store that has a bunch of food for really cheap and lets you walk around the store drinking beer while you shop, is growing quite a bit.

And I’m not just talking about in Florida, they seem to be popping up everywhere. Only a couple months ago I found a brand new one in Springfield, Missouri, and it was a shame that I wasn’t able to bring that much packaged beer back with me.

But the one thing that those stores in Missouri and elsewhere definitely cannot get it is Florida beer. I’m rather partial to beer from my home state, especially when it’s brewed exclusively for a place like Lucky’s. Enter Saltwater Brewery, who has just released, only at Lucky’s stores, Lucky’s Red 185 Ale (Red Ale, 5.6% ABV).

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Brew Review – Farmhouse as F*ck by Saint Somewhere @saintsomewhere

This is about the closest I will ever get to really cursing on the blog.

Some breweries in Florida basically exist on collaborations, and almost every beer they release was brewed in conjunction with someone else from somewhere else, whether it be in the county or from a completely different continent.

Other breweries won’t touch collaborations at all, preferring to do everything themselves. I’ve even heard some brewers flat out question to need to do collaborations at all.

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Guest Post – 5 Tips for a Safe Spring Break in Florida

Article contributed by Landon Biehl. You can find Landon on twitter @lbiehl1.

Florida is the perfect place to visit when the weather gets warm! If you’re a Florida local, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the beautiful weather. Springtime means getting outdoors more, heading to breweries with friends, and visiting one (or two) of the many amusement parks in the state! Whether you live in Florida or you’re visiting from out of town, you can’t go wrong spending spring break here! Check out these tips for staying safe while you enjoy your break.

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Brew Review – Coffee Run by 7venth Sun at @MendezFuel @7venthSunBeer

Gas stations are becoming wonderous places. I remember in the old days when the best you could get from a gas station was some dirty hole in the wall off to the side of the road that you never really wanted to go in, but sometimes it was the only choice. Maybe if you were lucky you found a somewhat nicer 7-Eleven, but that wasn’t quite the destination that’s some of these new mega-stations are becoming.

Cumberland Farms seems to have upped its game, and now we have Wawa in Florida (unfortunately we don’t have Sheetz, their vastly superior Western Pennsylvania counterpart). If you’re in Miami, however, and you’re looking for something fun that has a mom-and-pop feel, Mendez Fuel is the place to go.

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Brew Review – Christmas Abbey by Ancient City Brewing at @StAugustineWine @AncientBrewing

This may sound strange as a beer blogger, but there is a special place in my heart for the Cellar at San Sebastian Winery in St Augustine. The Cellar, which sits on the roof of the building, is sort of a saloon owned by the winery.

I can’t say that it’s a restaurant, as the foods they serve are more of the finger food-appetizers genre, but it’s a nice break from what is probably a busy day of sightseeing for most people. In addition to the good food, they have a wide variety of wine and wine based cocktails.

They also tend to have a pretty solid range of local craft beers. And it was after trying and writing about one of those beers that the blog started to get the attention of brewers in the state.

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Brew Review – Iguana Bait by Florida Keys Brewing with GroovyGuyGifts.com

On occasion, people reach out to me asking if can review their products. Ordinarily I am hesitant to immediately agree, but I was recently reached out to Joe Debicella, the owner of GroovyGuyGifts.com, wanting me to take a look at the products that are on his website.

I can definitely say I’m very glad I did.

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