Brew Review – Lost Creek Saison by Hourglass Brewing @HourglassBrew

The Manzanita tree is a medium sized evergreen known for their small, twisty branches and orange-red color. If you’ve ever seen the twisty branches at a wedding, those are manzanita branches. They also have grape-sized berries that are commonly made into ciders, used as sweetners, or eaten straight. 

They’re indigenous to the west coast of the U.S. and as far east as Texas. There’s also a small grove of them along the shores of Lost Creek Lake near Medford, Oregon. The lake was created in 1977 along with the opening of what is now the William Jess Dam. A wide variety of activities make the lake popular with the outdoor crowd.

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Brew Review – Trekker Bier by Central 28 @central28beer

It is starting to get a little nuts out there in Florida Craft Beer land. There are a lot of breweries that are doing great things on an incredibly small scale, some are doing lackluster things statewide, and there’s a huge number of breweries to choose from inbetween. 

One of those breweries that are doing absoluely mindblowing things on a small scale is Central 28, based in DeBary. Being close to Daytona Beach and the I-4 corridor, they currently can and distribute, but within a small footprint. 

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Brew Review – Duke Snider’s Imperial Stout by Walking Tree Brewery @walkingtreebrew

Edwin Donald Snider, known better by his nickname ‘Duke’ Snider, was an 8-time MLB all-star center fielder who played all but two years of his 17 year career with the Brooklyn, later Los Angeles Dodgers. The ‘Duke of Flatbush’ scored 407 lifetime home runs and helped the Dodgers win two World Series, in 1955 and 1959. 

During spring training, the Duke certainly spent some time in Vero Beach. Close to that city’s airport is a former Naval housing base turned sports center known as Dodger Town when it opened in 1953. While the Dodgers officially moved spring training operations to Arizona in 2008, the facility fell into disuse. It has recently reopened as Historic Dodgertown, retaining its sports-oriented operation for a mix of local and national teams. 

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Brew Review – 6 Feet Down by Bury Me Brewing @burymebrew

They have a hearse with built in taps you can rent for parties, for crying out loud. 

The funny thing is, for all of their macabre theming and imagery, Ft. Myers’ first brewery Bury Me Brewing didn’t start strictly as a brewery catering to the Late October crowd. It’s actually more of a silly joke. 

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Brew Review – Raisin’ The Bar by High Heel Brewing @HighHeelBeer @theBrewHub

I am dedicating this post to the most wonderful woman I know, my beautiful wife. I was lucky to spend a nice Mother’s Day with her and our beautiful daughter. I also know our daughter is going to grow up wonderfully, since she has such a great role model. 

She is also lucky to be born into a world where stereotypical womens roles are starting (thankfully) to fall to the wayside. Women are starting to make significant inroads everywhere, including the craft beer industry. 

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Brew Review – Little Havana Cafe Con Leche by Miami Brewing @miamibrewingco

Little Havana is one of those neighborhoods that, even if you’ve never been, it’s still very well known and completely ingrained in the public psyche. Like San Francisco’s Chinatown with more rum.

Along with Calle Ocho and Versailles, another famous – controversial to some – landmark is Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins baseball team. State of the art and gorgeous to some, waste of funds and an eyesore to others. 

Don’t know. Haven’t been yet. 

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