Brew Review – Colada Racing by Beat Culture

Woe to the person that says they love coffee and yet does not partake of the cafecito.

I’m sorry, Cuban coffee is just on another level. It’s not even playing the same game. It’s on some three-dimensional version of chess while most basic coffee houses are still playing Chutes and Ladders.

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Brew Review – Special K by Invasive Species

They did what with a kolsch?

Look, the kolsch is one of my favorite styles. I absolutely adore it because it does a lot of things very beautifully. It’s a style that’s generally light and crisp, with very low hops and a beautiful sweet juicy flavor.

But Invasive Species, oh you Ft. Lauderdale brewery you. You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?

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Brew Review – Auslander by Woven Water

The can of Auslander (Foreigner in German) has this slightly cryptic, slightly argumentative description on the back:

“Some laws are made to be broken, as was true for the first Hefeweizen ales produced which brought about the Reinheinsgebot, a purity order to prevent the style from thriving. Because of that, here is to all those Outlanders that fought for their creativity. Proust!”

Let’s provide a little historical background to that statement.

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Brew Review – Sonora by Lauderale

First, they probably don’t have it anymore. Let’s just get that on the table.

Second, this beer was very good when I tasted it, don’t blame me that I’m just now getting around to writing the article.

Third, I know that I am writing about a Mexican-style lager at a time better known for celebrating all things German. There’s some connections there, I guess, if you decide to look for them.

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Brew Review – Pineapple Coconut Super Wizard by Barrel of Monks

First of all, I love Barrel of Monks.

Love love this brewery.

They are one of my favorites in the state, brewing some of my absolute favorite beers, and I consider myself fortunate that I am so close to them.

That being said, they have sort of started to make two different styles of beer.

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Brew Review – American Wheat by Fort Myers Brewing

It’s sort of a perfect name.

If you really think about it, wheat is sort of ingrained in our national psyche.

Amber waves of grain and all that.

Plus, for as long as I have been blogging about beer, wheat beers have been a favorite of mine. I can actually remember the first Hefeweizen I properly sampled (Floridian by Funky Buddha, I can even remember the tour), and from then on wheat beers have always been a go-to when I want a brew but I’m not looking for anything heavy or involved.

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