Brew Review – Graffiti Orange by 7venth Sun @7venthSunBeer

I have long since said that beer is art. And it’s always fun when the beer gets to collide with actual art.

Today, we talk about artist Stephen Spathelf. Originally from Ohio, Steven moved to Florida (specifically Pinellas County) over 30 years ago and brings his distinctive style to many homes and businesses in the area.

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Brew Review – IPGA by Twisted Trunk

I have a couple of ‘big fish’ snags I need to get when it comes to the Florida Beer Podcast, interviews I’ve always wanted to do and will help tell a more rounded story of Florida craft beer.

One of those is Fran Andrewlevich. If you’ve never heard of him, in many ways he is the father of craft beer in Palm Beach County.

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Brew Review – Cyan Pineapple Sour by Darwin Brewing @DarwinBrewingCo

I wanted to review this beer for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen anything from Bradenton’s Darwin Brewing by me. When Lucky’s Market all but folded in the state of Florida, distribution with Darwin seem to go with it.

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Brew Review – Arroz Con Leche by Beat Culture @BeatCultureCo

Dessert beers and coffee beers have a lot in common.

For the most part, when people have one, the assumption is that the beer is going to be dark. Makes perfect sense, dark malts can to contain notes of both cocoa and coffee, so having a beer actually contain either cocoa or coffee or both is a natural progression.

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Brew Review – Square Locker by First Magnitude

A couple of years ago I visited a beer bar in Northern Palm Beach County. My beer snobbish sensibilities laughed just a bit when I saw a couple come in and the husband, faced with a rather large and Incredibly deep tap list, asked if they had any lagers.

Two things wrong with this.

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