Brew Review – Oktoberfest by 26 Degree Brewing

It’s time. It’s just time.

To be honest with you, it’s always time for an Oktoberfest.

I am firmly aware of the fact that in the US, saying ‘Oktoberfest’ means you’re either going to get a Festbier or a Martzen, but I want the actual event. Beers, sausages, the whole nine yards.

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Brew Review – Easy On The Eyes by Intuition Ale Works @IntuitionAle

It has been an absolute hot minute since I have been able to get anything from Jacksonville.

For some reason Tallahassee tends to make it down by me a bit more then the River City, which is a shame since J’Ville is home to some of the absolute best in the state.

If you know anything about Jacksonville’s beer scene, you will know that one of the biggest names is Intuition Ale Works, located just a stone’s throw from the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have gone to great lengths to release a killer lineup of cans in North Florida, even releasing a variety pack that I need to get my hands on some time soon.

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Brew Review – The Other West Coast by Escape Brewing

It’s literally one of the best beer names in Florida craft beer, just breathtakingly effective in its simplicity. It also shows off some of the unique aspects of living in Florida, as it is entirely possible to see the sunrise and the sunset on the beach in the same day with nothing but a 3-hour drive in between.

And there’s plenty of breweries in between.

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Brew Review – Once Bitten Twice Chai by First Magnitude and Yaupon Bros. @FMBrewing

Say what you will to mock the State of Florida, and there’s plenty to mock these days, but there is some amazing stuff here. Some of which continues to surprise even me.

And when I got my can of today’s beer, I was going to go into either the song reference (come on, you know you’re singing it) or talk about Indian food.

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Brew Review – Space Cake by Beat Culture Brewing @BeatCultureCo @caochocolates

It has been a little while since I have published on the blog.

I am firmly aware of this. I had to take a little bit of a break, but I’m back and hopefully doing more than before.

So I figure a great welcome back blog post would be to review one of the awesome beers from my friends at Beat Culture Brewing. And while I adore them for their steadfast celebration of all things Cuban/Miami, sometimes they come up with a beer that I was a little bit surprised came from them.

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