Brew Review – Fused Observation by Unseen Creatures @UnseenCreatures

I am a sucker for a brewery with a solid, cohesive, unwavering visual style.

Being in Florida, more often than not the theme tends to be tropical, bright, and very beach heavy. Every so often, a brewery comes along to challenge that, and Unseen Creatures definitely brings that to a whole new level.

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Brew Review – Pass Time by Biscayne Bay Brewing @BiscayneBayBrew

Beer flavored beer?

Beer flavored beer. In a world where the beers that are going up on social media have less to do with beer and more to do with a lunchtime smoothie from Jamba Juice, it’s been nice to see there are breweries that are almost defiantly refusing to go down that path, triumphantly heralding their decision to go the exact opposite direction.

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Guest Post – The Science Behind the Sip from Univ. of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences @IFAS_VP @UF_IFAS

By J. Scott Angle


The Sunshine State doesn’t get enough daily hours of sunshine to grow a key beer ingredient commercially. So agricultural scientists just made the day longer in Florida.

Glad there was an easy fix for that!

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Brew Review – Streamline by Beat Culture

There’s the crazy stuff, and then every so often you just get back to basics.

And much like the classic, beautifully styled, sweeping lines of the vehicle gracing the can, Streamline (Amber Ale, 5% ABV) is just beauty in simplicity, a beer that is perfectly aligned to everything a beer needs to be.

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Brew Review – Don’t Be a Menace to South or Central Florida While Drinking Your Ginger and Juice in the Hood by Gulfstream Brewing and Park Pizza and Brewing Co. @gulfstreambrew

Yep. A beer with the name so big I don’t totally know how WordPress is going to handle it.

And what’s funny is only the first three words made it onto the handwritten crowler we got from Gulfstream Brewing in Fort Lauderdale. The rest was taken up by an ellipsis, much like the infamous album by Fiona Apple many moons ago.

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Brew Review – Flomotion by Black Flamingo

It’s funny that, in reading the second edition of Randy Moss’ seminal book Tasting Beer, the Farmhouse ale has traditionally not gotten the love that it currently enjoys in the brewing community. It feels like quite a few brewers these days love to head down the rustic road, owing to a relatively simpler and more forgiving brewing method that is still a proper test of one’s skill in the brewhouse.

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Brew Review – Chocolate Turtle Stout by Big Bear Brewing @BigBearBrewing

I think it was my father who, growing up, loved Turtles. This candy concoction of pecans, caramel, and chocolate was always a rather nice combination, even though I’m not particularly partial to pecans myself.

It also contains flavors that are perfectly in demand during for brewers looking for a big dessert beer. Jeff Evans at Big Bear Brewing recently put up a batch of one like this as their winter seasonal.

Chocolate Turtle (Stout, 9% ABV) is the perfect beer for those in the state (and I know you’re out there) that prefer their beers to balloon very sweet and heavily deserty.

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Brew Review – Florida Peeler by Swamp Head @SwampHead

It’s not that I don’t agree with Swamp Head calling the beer an Easy Ale, I’m just not totally sure what that means.

Between that and the rather soothing, almost 70’s Florida coastal breakfast restaurant-style artwork on the can, I decided to give Florida Peeler (Golden Ale, 5% ABV), a try.

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