Events – Miami Brewing and the Florida Panthers


Long story short, I managed to wrangle an exclusive tasting and prize package with the Florida Panthers and Pete Schnebly, owner of Miami Brewing. Actually, the first time I ever had Miami Brewing’s flagship Big Rod was at the BB&T Center for a Panthers game.

First things first, Pete Schnebly is the kind of person that automatically makes you a fan of whatever he’s selling. It just so happens that he’s selling a really good line of beers.

Second, good beer. Miami Brewing currently has four main brews:

Big Rod – Wheat beer with a hint of coconut in all the right places. It’s not sweet like you may think.

Shark Bait – It’s a lot like Big Rod, but mango flavors instead of coconut. If you’re into fruit beers, you’ll be into this one.

Vice IPA – You know, I am just not a great IPA fan. Never really liked the bitterness. This, however, is their English IPA. A lot smoother and drinkable.

Gator Tail – Of Miami Brewing’s four main brews, this one is my favorite. American brown ale, incredibly smooth. Also very good mixed with Big Rod (They call it a Dirty Rod, I do believe).


Pete Schnebly pouring his brewcraft.

Part of the prize package included a tour of their facility near Miami. I will make sure to put up a report when I go.


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