Brewery Visit – Miami Brewing Co. Tour

I am going to start by saying all tap rooms should look like this:


Long story short, the company’s founder Pete Schnebly (Hi, Pete!) started off as a tropical fruit grower in Homestead. A friend and vinter saw the large amounts of fruit they were throwing away, suggested they make wine out of it, and the Schnebly Redland’s Winery was born.


From there, they decided to open a brewery, and voila, Miami Brewing Co.

It’s a little hard to find the place, and they are literally situated in the middle of nowhere. But once you get there, you are greeted to this visitors center:


Gorgeous. I will admit, the layout heavily favors the winery (which is to be expected. It opened first). The brews are in a corner of the main lobby, but it also features quite heavily in most of their merchandise. Tons of baseball caps, and a good buy at $10 each.

As for prices, they generally charge $14 for a sampler of their four standard beers (flagship beer Big Rod, Shark Bait, Vice IPA, and my favorite Gator Tail), a full pint of one, and logo glassware. We ended up getting a similar deal for the wines. You can see the glassware pictured above.


It’s a standard tour, but I was a little surprised how small the brewery facility was. For a company distributing beers and kegs as far as North Broward and above, they don’t have a lot of floorspace. I’m hoping they can expand soon. Limited edition bottles, maybe?



Since I’ve had their standard beers, we also opted for their Summer beer sampler. $10, no glass, worth it:

Mother Pucker, or Pucker Up, or whatever it is, is a Passionfruit IPA. Too tart, too hoppy.

Burnt Banana Bomber – a Russian Imperial Stout, but brewed with their Hefeweizen yeast, so it has a fruity, yeasty flavor to it. But, being an Imperial, it was a little too much for me. My wife loved it, though.

Cafe con Leche Milk Stout – A milk stout brewed with coffee, and holy crap is it good. I hadn’t had this combination, and it works wonderfully. I am hoping they can expand the brewery to release this as a bottle. Maybe? Pete?

Beachee Lychee – Their Shark Bait hefeweizen, but with lychee instead of mango. A great substitution, and works wonders.

In short, it’s quite the drive, but the gorgeous locale and great drinks make it worth it.


4 thoughts on “Brewery Visit – Miami Brewing Co. Tour

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