Brewpub Dining – Titanic Brewery and Restaurant

How someone decides on the R.M.S. Titanic as a theme for a restaurant and brewery right next to the Univ. of Miami campus, I will never know. Seriously. Does anyone know?


I liked it, though. Decided to take a ride down to Coral Gables to visit Titanic Brewery and Restaurant for beer and lunch. And Titanic. I don’t know which attracted me most, since I am somewhat of a Titanic enthusiast.


There is a lot, and I do mean a lot, of Titanic gear on the walls, hallways, everywhere pretty much. Made me pretty happy. Even a good amount of the menu items were in some way Titanic-themed. Steerage Skirt Steak, y’all.

Quick note on the menu: Standard pub fare, but good and reasonably priced. I had a blackened chicked sandwich with bleu cheese on it, and it was quite good.


Back to the beer (notice the gorgeous copper equipment above). Titanic does seasonals and guest taps, but maintains a standard selection of 6 brews, all of which can be tasted with Titanic’s Porthole Sampler:


I wish I could remember which was which in the picture above. But, here’s a rundown. I will save you the explanation behind the names.

Triple Screw Light Ale. It’s light bodied and lightly flavored. A good intro beer, not overly powerful.

White Star IPA – Titanic describes this as an American version of an English IPA. I found this to be largely accurate. It’s hoppier than an English IPA, but nowhere near a hop bomb as a West Coast IPA would be. Still very hoppy.

Captain Smith’s Rye Ale – I’ve liked Ryes as sort of a less-hoppy IPA, but still has some of the kick. I have had some with a more pronounced rye flavor, but it wasn’t necessary for a drink as smooth as this.

Britannic Best Bitter – I am going to admit I have no experience in bitters. It wasn’t for me, but I also don’t have much of a frame of reference.

Boiler Room Nut Brown Ale – Here we go. I’ve been enjoying my brown ales, and this was a good one. Clean drinking, smooth, and quite flavorful.

Shipbuilders Oatmeal Stout – The hands-down favorite of my wife and I. Their stout is well rounded, exceptionally creamy, and the oatmeal lent a great heaviness and meatiness to the beer. Worth the drive to Coral Gables.

Now for the best part. I don’t know what I did, but the Porthole Sampler ended up being all of $6. 6-4 oz samplers for $6? Plus pints were $4.75. Maybe it was happy hour, but those were great prices.

In all, it’s strangely quirky for Coral Gables, but Titanic Brewery is a good time, good food, and good beer for a good price.


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