Events – Turtle Power release at Funky Buddha Brewery

For those of you not in South Florida, there was an incident in May when two year old James Edwards made his way into a pool, nearly drowning. He is still in a pediatric ICU, being treated for brain injuries sustained as part of the incident. For more information, head to the Turtle Power for James Facebook page.

As you can imagine, medical bills for a prolonged stay in the hospital can be pretty atmospheric. As a result, many businesses in the South Florida area have been holding fundraisers for James and his family. The overarching name for these, Turtle Power for James, comes from James’ love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


To that end, South Florida brewing powerhouse Funky Buddha Brewery released a new beer today, Turtle Power Porter.


It’s unmistakably their fantastic OP Porter, but with the caramel, chocolate, and nut flavors of turtle candies. It works very well, especially since Funky Buddha excels in making dark beers with big, sweet flavors (drinking Muy Bonita as I am writing this).

Funky Buddha tapped a few other beers for the event, including one I have been really wanting to try: Baklava Braggot.


I really, really liked this one. The honey and whatever else they used made this brew as close to actual baklava as I could have ever expected.

The best part of the event was that Funky Buddha donated 100% of the proceeds to Turtle Power for James. As you can see, a few people came out…



In all, it was a good beer for a good cause. I was glad to make it out.



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