Brew Review – Drinking Florida Avenue Beers (and getting burned)

To start, if you’re ever on Sanibel Island, go to Jerry’s Foods for your provisions. Just go.

It’s a grocery store based in Minnesota that just happens to have another location on Sanibel. And I can’t adequately explain why. But the prices are reasonable, the selection is quite nice, and (the best part) they have an incredible beer selection. And I do mean incredible.

I was expecting Corona and the like. What I got was a great selection from all over, including more than a few from Pittsburgh. Seriously, Pittsburgh. That made my wife incredibly happy.

There were also a number of beers from around Florida, including three standards from Florida Avenue Brewing.

They were formerly known as Cold Storage Brewing, but changed the name to alleviate confusion, as well as solidify their brand with their location in Tampa. Good thing, too. I happen to love their logo.


There are more standards in the Florida Ave. repertoire, but I was able to obtain three good ones:

Florida Avenue Ale – A solid wheat beer, but the hoppiness is there and I noticed that it tends to overpower the sweetness usually found in other wheat beers.


Florida Avenue Blueberry – Looking at the Florida Avenue website, it really looks like this is the Florida Avenue Ale with added blueberries. Now, this isn’t an overly fruity, Purple Haze-esque fruit beer. The blueberry flavor is understated, but lends a nice accent to the beer. It’s really worth a taste.

I would also like to state for the record the sheer magnitude of sunburn that I got while at the beach taking the above picture. The things I do for this blog…

Florida Avenue IPA – I have made my opinions on IPAs pretty well known, but this one is a noticable departure. It’s a lot lighter and fruitier than the vast majority of IPAs I’ve tasted. It’s rare that I say this about an IPA, but I’ll have this one again.

I need to make it to Tampa to visit the brewery soon.


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