Brew Review – Yonder Bock by Cigar City (@cigarcitybeer) and Sierra Nevada

A lot of people were very, VERY excited about Sierra Nevada‘s recent Beer Camp collaboration box set. For those not in the know, Sierra Nevada (based in California) brewed a series of 12 different beers, each a collaboration with a different brewer from around the country. And while I enjoy awesome, special beers, I find that I’m being increasingly drawn more to just the Florida beers than general beer goodness. My initial reaction to the Beer Camp box set was more one of indifference than excitement.

Then I read about the box set and saw that Cigar City was participating.

Needless to say, I became very interested.

The collaboration is Yonder Bock, a Maibock brewed with some tropical fruits such as guava, passionfruit, and mango. Since maibocks are generally sweeter than normal, and the tropical fruits mentioned above aren’t overly, insanely sweet, the collaboration sounded pretty good.

But how to get it? I sure couldn’t get my hands on a box of Beer Camp. Everyone was pretty well out by the time I could try to get one. Luckily for me, Sierra Nevada/Cigar City released the beer in kegs. And one of those kegs was at ABC in Ft. Lauderdale (if you go, say hi to Jamal. He’s the beer guy).

2014-08-08 19.50.11

The growler fill station at ABC on Oakland Park.

It’s kinda awesome that many of the ABC stores in Florida are starting to do growler fills. Lo and behold, this ABC got a keg of Yonder Bock. So off I went, to fill mine up. You don’t even have to buy one of their growlers; they filled my Funky Buddha growler no problem.

2014-08-08 21.01.15

A glass of Cigar City/Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock. In a Cigar City glass. With a cigar on top.

It was their priciest growler fill, but it’s never being made again, and boy it was worth it. If you can imagine the sweetness of a hefeweizen, but a bit stronger and filtered, and a little more maltiness, and that’s what you have. The fruit is there, but it’s in the background. It’s not like drinking a Sprite. It’s there to accentuate, and does so expertly.


It’s a good beer, and my growler is running out. Either it’s time to get another one, or I’m about to be very sad…


Drink Florida Craft,




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