Brewpub Dining – Heading Back to Big Bear Brewing Co. (@bigbearbrewing)

Naturally, I went to Big Bear Brewing Company the day before I had surgery. Because that’s what I do.

2014-08-19 20.14.21

Big Bear has quite the nice interior.

Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs is, as I have said before, one of my absolutely favorite brewpubs of all time. The quality of both their food and their beer is outstanding, and (locally, at least) they are a go-to place for me when people ask what’s good in the region. I’m still bummed that they don’t do growler fills or bottling, but that might not be a bad thing. Keeping things small keeps the quality consistent.

Anyway, that evening they actually had run out of a few of their standards. I was looking forward to trying their Red Ale, but, alas, it was not to be. I did get another glass of their Kodiac, the most flavorful and smoothest dubbel I have ever had. To be honest, I think my love of Belgian beers started with this one. It’s my go-to beer at Big Bear, and the beer I have started a number of friends of mine with when I’m there.

Big Bear Brewing's Kodiac Belgian Dubbel

Big Bear Brewing’s Kodiac Belgian Dubbel

Big Bear Brewing's Brown Bear Ale

Big Bear Brewing’s Brown Bear Ale

I am also a big fan of brown ales, and Brown Bear Ale never disappoints. It’s got all the right nutty, malty characteristics a good brown ale should have.

Big Bear's seasonal Paw Print Pilsner

Big Bear’s seasonal Paw Print Pilsner

They had two seasonal on draft (they should have had 3, but the imperial stout was out that evening as well). First was the Paw Print Pilsner, which has all the moderately hoppy flavors, bright golden color, and sparkling characteristics that a fine pilsner has.

Big Bear Brewing's seasonal Citrus Ginger Ale

Big Bear Brewing’s seasonal Citrus Ginger Ale

The other was the sadly non-bear named Citrus Ginger Ale. Color-wise, it looked a lot like an unfiltered version of the pilsner. Flavorwise, the tastes weren’t too far from it, either. I’m pretty positive they took their Paw Print ale and added flavors of tangerine and ginger. Those flavors aren’t incredibly pronounced in the finished beer, but I personally would have really liked the tangerine flavor to be a bit more pronounced.

I will definitely be back, maybe in a month or so. I’m excited to see what they will be releasing in the fall.

P.S. I’m feeling better.

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