Brew Review – Bodacious Belgian Blonde at Due South Brewing

Crowlers are awesome. For those of you that don’t know, a crowler is a growler in can form. Basically, crowler-equipped tap rooms can fill a 32-oz can with your favorite beer, seal it there on site, and you don’t have to spend an extra $10 buying a giant growler bottle that has to sit in your man cave taking up space until you fill it again.

The crowler system was developed in Colorado by Oskar Blues. Of the first 10 breweries to start utilizing the system, two are in Florida. One is the oft-loved Cigar City, and the other is Boynton Beach-based Due South.

As you know, dear readers, I was able to visit Due South not too long ago. Of course, I had to get a crowler, because crowler. You can get almost every beer Due South has on tap in a crowler, most for $7 (which is a great deal). For the crowler, I decided on their Bodacious Belgian Blonde.

2014-09-20 22.24.20

Due South Brewing’s Bodacious Belgian Blonde and crowler of Belgian goodness.

I make no effort to hide my love for Belgian beers. I love the deep malty, biscuity flavors and big aromas that belgian and belgian-style beers have. Due South’s Belgian Blonde does all of that and more. It’s got a beautiful, deep blonde color, a zesty, almost-fruity-but-not-quite aroma, and lots of awesome Belgian maltiness flavor. It’s a great accomplishment for Due South to be able to replicate great Belgian taste as well as they did. It’s devinitely a crowler I will want to get again.

Now, is it okay to get a 6-pack of crowlers?

Drink Florida Craft,




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