Brewery Visit – The Mack House & Holy Mackerel Brewery

Davie, Florida is an odd place. For some reason, the creator of the town decided the entire city should have a western theme. As in yee haw, cowboys, country music theme. There’s a rodeo, McDonalds looking like a barn, and tons of those old west fonts all over the place.

Facing I-595 is a sizeable strip mall with a fairly large country/western nightclub at the end. Go down several stores, however, and you’ll come to The Mack House, the Davie home of Holy Mackerel beers.

Holy Mack exterior

Just guess what’s in this building…

Inside it’s a pretty relaxing, homey place, as any good taproom should be. The best touch, for me, was the couches set up in front of a TV with both an NES and a Super Nintendo. Seriously old school. And the giant chalk boards in the back have the current records for each of the games (Someone beat Pilotwings. Seriously!).

Holy Mack inside

Inside the taproom. The video games are by the front window.

As for the beers, The Mack House is pretty good on two fronts. First, they have a length bottle list, ready and available for anyone. Second, there is a small, but constantly rotating tap list of their beers along with local rotators. It’s worth it to come by on a regular basis; you’ll find the tap list on the chalkboard on the wall.

Holy Mack menu

The lengthy tap and bottle list.

Okay, so how are the beers? In a word, pretty darn good. I’ve tried Holy Mackerel beers before, since their bottles are pretty readily available throughout South Florida. But it’s nice to get their beers on tap. Let’s see what they had when I visited…

Nib Slip

Nib Slip by Holy Mackerel/Mack House

Nib Slip is their recently tapped cocoa stout. It’s a big, bold, hoppy beer with just a touch of locally sourced cocoa nibs for that added chocolate kick.

Psycho Phish

Psych Phish by Holy Mackerel

Psycho Phish takes a little time to explain, but it’s worth it. Beer-wise, it’s a mixture of Holy Mackerel’s saison/belgian blend Panic Attack and their strong belgian Golden Ale. From there, it’s infused with locally sourced oranges. It is a beautifully harmonious blend, with the orange sweetness accentuating the belgian maltiness. At 9.2%, you are definitely going to feel this one, too. I really don’t understand why more Florida brewers don’t use orange in their beers. It works wonders.

Holy Mack beer fridge

Tap Room Manager Kyle drawing from their awesomely decorated old-school kegerator.

They just tapped their Octoberfest that day. And, once again, it’s the big, malty, biscuity sweetness that makes me really love this style. It’s a fantastic example of the style.

I also managed to get a sample of their Pumpkin Piehole beer. It’s interesting, since it starts off like a normal belgian or brown ale, but as it lingers, the flavorful pumpkin spices really shine through.

The crew there, including Justin and Kyle, are really fantastic. It’s a good place to hang out, and you may need to go often if you want to try everything they have on tap.

I will have an interview with their head brewer Justin Miles on the blog soon. In the meantime, run and get that Psycho Phish.

Drink Florida Craft,



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