Brew Review – Oktoberfest by Cigar City

I. Love. October.

I’m more of a summer kind of person, but a lot of cool stuff tends to happen in October. Halloween, festivals, pumpkin beers, and even the celebration of Bastet, the Egyptian beer goddess. But, most of all, Octoberfest. I enjoy Octoberfest because I love Octoberfest beers. They’re always golden, medium-strength, with a nice caramel flavor and not so incredibly big and strong that you can’t drink a few in a night.

And it looks like Tampa craft beer stalwart Cigar City has decided to can their fall entry, Oktoberfest.

2014-09-22 18.43.27

Oktoberfest by Cigar City Brewing.

Look at that color. It’s a perfect copper color with an incredible clarity. And the taste? Incredible. It’s got that malty sweetness that is light and crisp, but still flavorful and deep. It’s everything I love in this style of beer.

Now to get a soft-baked pretzel. Prost!

Drink Florida Craft,



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