Brew Review – Gaspar’s Porter by Florida Beer Co.


For those of you who don’t know a little of Florida’s colorful, if not entirely verifiable history, Jose Gaspar was a pirate that supposedly ransacked ships up and down the Florida Gulf coast during the late 1700’s. It’s not entirely sure how much of the story is true, but it sure sounds like a good time. He even inspired the massive namesake Gasparilla festival in Tampa every year.

Interestingly enough, there are two beers that reference Gaspar and his legendary exploits. Indirectly, Cigar City has their Invasion Pale Ale, with a big, scary pirate on the can.

Directly, however, is Florida Beer Company’s Gaspar’s Porter. With a big, even more menacing picture of Jose Gaspar and his awesome moustache staring right at you.

Gaspar's porter

Gaspar’s Porter from Florida Beer Co.

It’s a porter as big and scary as the man himself. Aggressively hopped and dark as night, the beer carries a big punch that lingers on the palate for a good amount of time. It is definitely not an easy drinking, smooth porter. Nor do I think they wanted it to be. Menacing pirates do not drink fruity beers.

(As an aside, I do think there’s a fair amount of similarity between this and Duff Dry, brewed by Florida Beer Co. for Universal Orlando. I would need to get them side-by-side, though, to determine that better, and that isn’t happening any time soon.).

I have noticed that, outside of Central Florida, this seems to be a hard beer to track down. If you can gt anywhere near the area, especially the Space Coast, grab it. Here, it should be everywhere for the plunderin’.


Drink Florida Craft,

Chris & Dave


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