Brew Review – Cocoa Beach Pale Ale by Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.

So, Cocoa Beach Brewing Co. is a tiny little brewery located in a tiny little 1930’s Navy house just in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Before you go further, just look at the exterior of the brewery. It’s just about the most adorable little place I’ve ever seen.

Cocoa Beach Brewing Co. exterior. Picture courtesy of Cocoa Beach Brewing Co.

I was in Melbourne and I should have gone, but I sure didn’t. Which is too bad, but I did find a few bottles of their beers available for sale. For this post, I’m going to focus on the first one I tried, Cocoa Beach Pale Ale. This beer won a gold medal at the Best Florida Beer championships in 2011, and for good reason.

2014-10-11 10.57.45

Cocoa Beach Pale Ale by Cocoa Beach Brewing Co. Glass from Intracoastal Brewing Co., of course.

I love the label. It really gives the beer a homebrewed feel that many local breweries with slick labeling sort of miss. (But why Comic Sans? Why?)

Past that, the beer is quite good. For just a pale ale, it’s awfully close in bitterness and hoppiness to a straight IPA. I do really like the deep golden color, however, and it does have a well-rounded flavor that many pale ales I’ve tried lack.

Their other bottled and distributed beer is an oatmeal stout. And yes, I grabbed a bottle, so I’ll be trying that in the near future.

But I need to visit that house soon.

Drink Florida Craft,

Chris & Dave


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