Brew Review – Brew Bus Brewing

Brew Bus Brewing is a little strange when it comes to Florida brewing. It’s not necessarily a destination you go to as much as it is a bus that takes you where you want to go. You see, Brew Bus started in Tampa as a tour that, for around $50 bucks or so, drives you to some of the breweries in the area. It has also since moved to South Florida (Palm Beach/Broward counties) and Miami-Dade as well.

South Florida Brew Bus

Now, the people behind Brew Bus thought that, in that time shuttling between breweries, riders should be able to enjoy some beer. That’s where Brew Bus Brewing came into existence. They don’t actually have their own brewery; they contract brew with Cigar City in Tampa (did I mention the Brew Bus founder’s mom is one of the heads at Cigar City?). Of course, the buses don’t have taps. You get their beers in cans. And, luckily, Brew Bus also sells those cans in beer stores around Florida, including Total Wine and the Cigar City taproom. It’s a great way to try their beers without jumping on the bus.

The first two I tried I just don’t have pictures of. In the case of Are Wheat There Yet?, their hefeweizen, it was a good thing. When I got it, the beer was still in their old design cans. The design was, well, a little busy. The new design is clean, fun, and really nice. Not as good as the hefeweizen inside, though. I love wheat beers like this. It’s big and fruity, with that great clove-y, banana-y smell.

The second beer of theirs I had, Rollin’ Dirty Irish Red, has a lot of great caramel taste; standard for a red. It’s also hot a big hoppiness. Not nearly as big as a pale ale, but it’s noticeable.

Double Decker

Double Decker English Porter by Brew Bus Brewing

I tried their Double Decker English-Style Porter at Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest. It’s got a big, rich, dark flavor that basically all good English or English-style beers have. A bit hoppy, but the dark malts are what’s foremost on the palate.

Last Stop

Last Stop IPA by Brew Bus Brewing

Finally (and fittingly, I guess), there is Last Stop, Brew Bus’ IPA. It’s a big, bold, in-your-face IPA with a lot of hoppiness. It’s very similar to Cigar City’s Jai Alai in that IPA fans will absolutely love it.

There’s one more standard beer of theirs, You’re My Boy Blue blueberry wheat ale, That I still haven’t tried. I’m having a hard time tracking it down. Once I do, though, I’ll definitely put it up.

But try that hefeweizen. You’ll be glad you did.

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