Brew Review – Conchtoberfest by Florida Beer Co.

Word of warning to non-Floridians: Conch is how it’s spelled, but it’s pronounced conk, like a conk on the head. If you say it like consch, your dinner bill goes up 10% (an old Key West tour guide I once heard told me that).

So, back to Florida Beer Co. for a little more Space Coast beer love. This time, it’s their seasonal marzen, Conchtoberfest. It’s the pimpin’ hotel glass I poured the beer in that makes this photo so interesting…

Conchtoberfest by Florida Beer Co.

Conchtoberfest by Florida Beer Co.

Since I may have a number of readers outside of Florida, the conch is a giant snail-like animal that lives in giant, beautiful shells found around South Florida and the Florida Keys. You’ll see a drawing of one on the label. Conch is good eating, especially chopped up and added into the batter for conch fritters, a dish so indicative of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys that it may as well be labeled the official state recipe.

Plus, conch shells make for great decorative pieces, probably on a PVC table in a patio. Nothing says Florida like PVC furniture. Wow, how much more Florida can this blog post get?

For all of this and more, I was pretty happy that Florida Beer Co. decided to name their Octoberfest/Marzen beer after the all-important conch. As for the beer, its as caramel-y and malty as you would hope. It has a little bit of bite, then finishes clean and crisp. It’s everything a good marzen needs to be. There’s also an ever-so-slight hoppy undertone when you first drink the beer. It doesn’t last long, but that little pop gives the marzen a tiny bit of brightness that other octoberfest beers don’t.

It is both understandable and a shame that Cochtoberfest won’t stay around long. It’s a seasonal beer. I know that. But it’s worth noting that it’s one of Florida Beer Copmany’s most requested seasonals, so it will definitely be around again.

Now to source some good conch fritters…

Drink Florida Craft,

Chris & Dave



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