Brew Review – Grateful Pumpkin by Orlando Brewing

It took me longer than it should have to realize that Grateful Pumpkin was a reference to the Grateful Dead than it was to Charlie Brown. I’m a little embarassed.

Orlando Brewing Grateful Pumpkin

Grateful Pumpkin by Orlando Brewing

Grateful Pumpkin is Orlando Brewing’s entry into the now practically required field of fall pumpkin beers. I happen to like pumpkin beers (and my beautiful wife loves them), so I’m enjoying seeing a lot of them around. And I didn’t expect to see this one at all, to be honest. Heck, I didn’t even see it on the menu; I just noticed the tap handle when my wife and I went to Brass Tap recently.

Grateful Pumpkin logo. Image courtesy of Orlando Brewing

As with everything else Orlando Brewing does, Grateful Pumpkin is entirely organic. Not just the beer ingredients, but all of the spices and pumpkin in it, too.

And let me tell you something, this beer smells fantastic. Like, hey, maybe I shouldn’t drink this and just sniff it fantastic. Seriously. The taste of the beer is light and incredibly crisp and pointy, drinkable, but I didn’t taste a lot of the spices and pumpkin in it. It is very, very subtle. And I know some beer drinkers need flavors to hit them over the head like a baseball bat. This beer isn’t for them. It’s refined and very delicate, one best suited for sipping and savoring.

And smelling. Can’t forget the smelling.

Drink Florida Craft,

Chris and Dave



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