Brew Review – Maduro & Vanilla Maduro Nitro by Cigar City

I’m relatively excited to write this review since my beloved Tampa Bay Lightning are on their way to what I hope will be another great season… I love Tampa. I think its a fine city. And it’s home to the great Florida stalwart brewery Cigar City Brewing.

Of the standard canned beers that Cigar City distributes statewide (and I reviewed one of them, Belgian white ale Florida Cracker, previously),  my favorite far and away is Maduro Brown Ale (English Brown Ale, 5.5% ABV, 25 IBU).

2014-09-25 01.24.20

Maduro Brown Ale Cigar City Brewing

For those of you that don’t smoke cigars (I love them), maduro is a grade of wrapper, the outermost tobacco leaf on a cigar. Maduro wrappers are dark brown, very similar to the color of the beer when poured. It’s a fairly sweet beer, with subtle coffee and chocolate notes, and a light hoppiness that doesn’t tend to be overpowering.

I must say, I even love the can artwork, with a smoker clearly enjoying one of the aforementioned cigars. The tap handle is pretty similar, with the guy wearing a guayabera, smoking a stogie. It’s very Tampa and quintessentially Florida.

But, if you are lucky enough to find it, Cigar City also produces a Vanilla Nitro version of Maduro (Same as above).

2014-08-23 20.02.46

Vanilla Nitro Maduro by Cigar City Brewing

Nitro beers are so wonderfully creamy and fantastic. This works wonders. The vanilla flavor isn’t very powerful, though, so those of you that may expect a milkshake may be a little disappointed. For me, it’s a pretty smooth, flavorful blend.

I really want a cigar and a beer now…


Drink Florida Craft,




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