Brew Review – The Gilded Age Golden Lager by Two Henrys Brewing Co.

I hope that I have made it abundantly clear that I love Florida history as much as I love Florida beer. And whenever the two mix, that makes me exponentially happier. Naturally, when I found out about Two Henrys Brewing Co., and realized the two guys named Henry weren’t the owners, it was pretty cool.

I’m putting the Two Henrys logo here because I love it so much.

Quick history lesson for those of you that may be a little lost: Florida, and Florida’s tourism & transportation infrastructure, was really built up by two railroad and hotel tycoons around the turn of the century. The Atlantic coast of Florida was championed by Henry Flagler, who built a railroad stretching all the way to Key West and built up such cities as Miami and St. Augustine.

Henry Plant built hotels and railroads along the Gulf Coast of Florida. His influence can be felt in places like Tampa and Plant City, which was named after him. And, interestingly enough, Plant City is the home of Two Henrys Brewing (and their parent company, Keel & Curley Winery).

With the exception of the beer named after their dog’s drool, all of their standard beers have names inspired by one of the two Henrys. Two of those beers are canned for distribution within the central Florida area. It should be easy, since both their namesakes (and their gorgeous can artwork) lived in the glittering, decadent, and highly interested period known as the Gilded Age.

Gilded Age by Two Henrys Beer

Gilded Age by Two Henrys Beer

The Gilded Age (Helles Lager, 4.5% ABV) in beer form is just as glittering. It pours a gorgeous pale golden color, and the flavor is mellow and slightly hoppy. There’s no intense maltiness, no giant bitter punch here. Instead, it’s a very relaxed, almost quiet and unassuming beer. Sure, it’s got more complexity than, say, an American Adjunct lager, but drinkers looking for a T. Rex-with-a-chainsaw sort of giant, bold beer need to do elsewhere.

This is a gentlemanly beer. Perfect for two gentlemen named Henry.

That are filthy rich, of course.

Drink Florida Craft,




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