Persimmon Hollow collaboration with Terrapin Brewing

Persimmon Hollow, based out of Deland, is one of Volusia County’s newest breweries. And I’ve been really wanting to get there, but it just hasn’t happened. Maybe it has to happen sooner, since they just released information on their now-fermenting Holler Hopper (Belgian Golden Ale, 9.2% ABV, 65 IBU), a collaboration with Athens, GA based Terrapin Brewing.


Apparently, the roots between these two breweries run deep. Terrapin and Terrapin’s president/co-founder John Cochran tried then-homebrew


Persimmon Hollow’s wares. According to Persimmon’s Andy Sistrunk, John and the Terrapin team were the driving force behind Persimmon Hollow going pro.

John Cochran came down to Deland yesterday to help brew what is going to be a big Belgian ale, aggressively hopped with Apollo, Cascade, Chinook, Ahtanum, Simcoe, and Zythos hops. Yeah. That’s a nutty hop bill.

When can you have some? Well, you gotta wait. Holler Hopper won’t be released until Volusia Beer Week, specifically the Deland Craft Beer Festival on Feb. 7th. After thatn bombers will be available at Persimmon Hollow and kegs will be distributed through their distribution channels.

Now, how do I get to try this hop bomb of a beer?

Drink Florida Craft,


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