Funky Buddha releases Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Jan. 10th

Funky Buddha has quite the reputation for quite a lot of big flavorful beers, but one beer reigns above all in sheer exclusivity: Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. And It’ll be back on Jan. 10th.


If you are going, please please take a look at Funky Buddha’s official MBCP site. It’s got some pretty important information, especially the bottle purchase and bottle distribution times. Bottles are $15, limit 4 per human 21 years or older.

It also has the insanely huge list of Funky Buddha beers to be tapped that day. It’s quite daunting.

If you live in Tampa and want in on the festivities, Brew Bus has your ticket. For $85, they will pick you up at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, drive you to the Funky Buddha brewery in Oakland Park, give you 2 Brew Bus beers, a bottle of MBCP, and drive you back.

It sounds like quite the good time. Enjoy!

Drink Florida Craft,


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