3 Daughters Brewing beer soap by St. Pete Soaps

You are stinky and you need to take a shower. And of course you should use beer for that.

I have no idea who decided beer should be added to soap, but that person should receive a Nobel prize. There are a number of homegrown soap makers that I have noticed use beer in their soaps (look for a craft fair in your area. You’ll find at least one soap maker, and it’s always good to support local artisans).

There are some other breweries that have a line of their beers made into soaps. Cigar City has some of these, and the Maduro soap is a great one to use, BTW. In that vein, I received a message a few weeks ago from Traci Williams of St. Pete Soaps. She’s a new soapmaker in the St. Petersburg area, and has a line of soap that is made exclusively with 3 Daughters Brewing‘s fantastic Beach Blonde Ale.

Beach Blonde Ale soap by St. Pete Soaps

Beach Blonde Ale soap by St. Pete Soaps

The soap above is Blood Lime & Bergamot, which smells fruity and beery and completely amazing. I don’t really buy mass-produced bar soaps, but it’s soap like this that make me readily buy local, handmade, artisan soap.

I asked Traci why she uses Beach Blonde Ale and how someone goes about making soap. “I’m normally a dark, rich, full bodied beer kinda girl, but I fell in love with 3 Daughters’ Beach Blonde Ale the first time I tasted it. It’s light, refreshing, not too hoppy, not too bubbly and has a beautiful citrus note on the palate. I thought it’s color and slightly nutty citrus scent would come through great in a soap and still leave it light enough in color for me to do something really crazy with the soap colors,” she said.

According to Traci, the color and scents of the beer have an affect on the smells and color of the base soap. After a test batch, she loved it and now uses Beach Blonde Ale “as a 100% water replacement in my soaps. I’m palm & animal free for the most part and my ingredients consist of olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. Plus of course colors and fragrances when I choose. I make everything from scratch, no pre-made/purchased soap bases.” Like I said, it’s good stuff.

Valentines Day gift set exclusively at 3 Daughters Brewing.

Valentines Day gift set mockup for 3 Daughters Brewing.

And it looks like 3 Daughters Brewing is enjoying the soaps, too. One of the easiest places to get St. Pete Soaps made with 3 Daughters Beach Blonde Ale is at the 3 Daughters Brewery in St. Petersburg. “This first round will be existing soaps I made with their ale prior to knowing they would be interested in carrying them. The next delivery will be a custom formulated scent and color profile that will only be available through their location.”
There are a lot of good gift baskets available at 3 Daughters right now, and some featuring 3 Daughters logo pint glasses. Another item Traci is getting ready for the brewery is the Valentine’s Day gift set pictured above. It will got everything pictured, including the soap, scarf, chocolates. If you’re interested in St. Pete Soaps and their beer soap, contact Traci on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.
And you’ll smell better, too.
Drink Florida Craft,

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