Brew Review – Bourbon Smash Pumpkin IPA by Sawgrass Brewing

This is, admittedly, not the traditional season for pumpkin beers. And with this beer, it really doesn’t matter.

I have previously talked about the small batch brew menu at Sawgrass Brewing in Coral Springs. During my recent visit, one of the beers that was featured was the interestingly complex and descriptively titled Bourbon Oaked Pumpkin Smash IPA (Pumpkin Beer, 6.4% ABV). And, as you can tell, there’s a lot going on in this beer.

Bourbon Oak Pumpkin Smash IPA by Sawgrass Brewing

Bourbon Oak Pumpkin Smash IPA by Sawgrass Brewing

Just take a look at the golden copper color of that beer. And that creamy, foamy head. It’s just a shame that you can’t smell it, because the aroma was fantastic. Very sweet, almost milkshake-esque, but it also had a strong hop presence.

The beer used pumpkin, pumpkin spices, and vanilla beans, and was aged in Makers Mark barrels. But, it’s also an IPA with a strong IPA bitterness. Add all of that together, and what you get is the most interestingly smooth and incredibly approachable IPA I’ve had. The creaminess of the vanilla beans and the pumpkin create a very soft, velvety feel to the beer, but the hops give it an interesting punch.

I have seen a lot of hoppy beers that try to make themselves approachable by lowering the hop content. This beer did it with some creative, novel additions that make this a brand new style and I would love to have it again (which is surprising, since I’m generally not a huge IPA fan).

Run over to Sawgrass Brewing. Hopefully they still have this on tap. If not, you’ll just have to hope this gets brewed again.

Drink Florida Craft,




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