Brew Review – Red Wheat IPA by Sawgrass Brewing

It’s a strange sounding beer. It’s got an even more interesting story. Hang with me.

Today’s Brew Review is going to be Red Wheat IPA (American IPA, 5.4% ABV) by Sawgrass Brewing in Coral Springs, and the owner/head brewer/all around great person Norm gave me a great story about its creation.

Red Wheat IPA by Sawgrass Brewing

Red Wheat IPA by Sawgrass Brewing

Long story short, Norm was driving his daughter and son-in-law back to Florida from grad school. During the drive, he tried to hit as many breweries as possible (and I don’t blame him one bit).

While doing the tour at one brewery, a very exhausted brewer gave him a sample of a beer very similar to this. Basically, it’s a wheat ale, but very liberally hopped, more than just a standard pale wheat ale. The recipe for the beer, however, came to the brewer in a dream. Literally. He brewed this beer in his sleep, woke up, and had to write as many of the ingredients down before they disappeared into the ether.

Norm brought the basic idea of the beer back to Coral Springs and, with a little tweaking, brewed it for Sawgrass Brewing’s Small Batch beer list. It’s quite interesting; the wheat tends to soften the beer a bit. There’s a very faint hefeweizen-style sweetness, but it’s unmistakeably hoppy. Big, bitter, and exceptionally drinkable. And with a great soft red color to it, too.

Yes, Red Wheat IPA is on Sawgrass’ Small Batch menu. If it’s there when you go, it’s definitely worth a try.

And you don’t have to dream about it anymore.

Drink Florida Craft,




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