Brew Review – My Li’l Brony Nitro by MIA Brewing Co.

This is the first and last time on this blog I’m going to explain bronies. Bronies are adult, usually male, fans of the newer My Little Pony series. It’s, um, interesting.

Be afraid.

And, somehow, this is what MIA Brewing Co. in Doral uses as inspiration for brown ales. Actually, I think the story behind naming My Li’l Brony (American Brown Ale, 4.9% ABV) is simply because it was a brown ale, and bronies are, um, what they are, and it was funny. At least that’s what I remember from brewer Piero.

My Li'l Brony Nitro by MIA Brewing

My Li’l Brony Nitro by MIA Brewing

My Li’l Brony is one of the two beers MIA had on tap in both regular and nitro. And, frankly put, when you are presented with a choice, there is no reason to choose regular. Beer on Nitro is truly a joy to behold.

And so is this one. The beer is aged on maple wood and vanilla for a month and a half, and those complex and sweet flavors blend beautifully with the dark malts of the beer. It has a great, almost cake-like nose, and the nitro brings a soft complexity to the beer that further enhances the flavors, especially the vanilla. Hop notes are small and light, standard for a brown ale.

This was a no-brainer for me to order, and it was a fantastic beer to boot. Easily one of the most approachable, gentle, and flavorful beers in MIA’s portfolio.

Even if bronies do scare me.

Drink Florida Craft,




2 thoughts on “Brew Review – My Li’l Brony Nitro by MIA Brewing Co.

  1. I wish I could try this! I love beer, with brown/amber/red ales high on my favorite styles, and with the addition of maple aging and vanilla beans, it sounds totally delectable. And, yeah, I’m a fan of My Little Pony. It’s just plain fun to watch, particularly with beer at hand…trust me.


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