Brew Review – Zero Dark Thirsty by MIA Brewing Co.

Last beer review from MIA Brewing Co. in Doral for a little while, unfortunately. And for this review, I’m going to look at the strong Zero Dark Thirsty (Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 8.2% ABV).

Zero Dark Thirsty by MIA Brewing

Zero Dark Thirsty by MIA Brewing

Okay, let’s take every bit of that style bit by bit, okay?

Belgian – This beer is big and malty. That malt has a deep roasted flavor to it, and it gives a great base for which the rest of the rather interesting flavors to begin from. The smell of Belgian yeast is unmistakeable (and delicious), and they added a dark Belgian candy sugar (MIA really loves Belgian candy sugar) as well.

Dark – It’s dark, obviously. Gorgeous dark burgundy color. But the flavors are what really help it to be dark. Big flavors of every dark fruit you can think of, especially prune and raisin, with some fig added in. It has a stick, burny, British pudding sort of sweetness.

Strong – This is what the Belgian candy sugar was for. this sucker clocks in at 8.2% alcohol. You really need to be ready for it, because it’s going to pack quite the punch.

Ale – Yep, it’s beer.

I am hoping this beer is going to stick around for a little while, but judging by the size of their row of taps, I think they’ll have the room.

Drink Florida Craft,




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