Brew Review – El Murciélago from Cigar City Brewing

So, Cigar City. We know all about them. Moving to one of the oddest beer concoctions I have ever had the pleasure to try: El Murciélago (Cream Ale, 9.5% ABV).

El Murcielago by Cigar City Brewing

El Murcielago by Cigar City Brewing

This beer easily the oddest flavor profile of anything I had Due South‘s recent Trench Day event. First of all, the name is Spanish for ‘bat.’ The little blind squeaking rodent thing. The beer was not, as my original research had indicated, a reference to the Lamborghini (Murcielago) that was, in turn, named after a quazi-famous fighting bull. Nope, the ‘bat’ in this beer refers to actual bats that help to pollinate blue agave cacti, which is fermented to make tequila, which flavors the barrels used in aging the beer.

This starts as an incredibly interesting high alcohol content cream ale. From there, lime peel and cumin (of all things) are added. Finally, this concoction is aged in tequila barrels, because Southwest.

Now, tequila and I are not good friends. I have college to thank for that. And the aging of this beer in tequila barrels made this beer into a veritable tequila bomb. The flavor is really strong here. Excellent for tequila lovers, and the addition of the strong lime and cumin flavors make it almost like drinking a soft taco. But this beer needs to be approached with caution. Between the big tequila flavor and a high alcohol content, this beer could leave you a little… batty. (Get it? Get it? It’s not funny, is it? I’m sorry.)

So, more fun stuff from Trench Day tomorrow. And hopefully some more good stuff from Cigar City in the near future.

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