Brew Review – Brett IPA collaboration from Due South and Wild Oak

So Due South had a ton (and I do mean a ton) of their beers available at the recent Trench Day event. And while I wrote about those beers already, I kept this one aside since it was a collaboration with the red hot, but soon to be open Wild Oak Artisan Ales, also from Palm Beach County.

The beer they collaborated on was, very simply, Brett IPA (India Pale Ale, 6.6% ABV).

Brett IPA by Due South Brewing and Wild Oak Artisan Ales

Brett IPA by Due South Brewing and Wild Oak Artisan Ales

This IPA was made completely with brettanomyces, almost a Wild Oak signature. And, for those of you that don’t know, brettanomyces (commonly referred to as ‘brett’) is a strain of yeast commonly found in the wild and on fruit rinds. Most brewers do whatever they can to keep brett out of their beers. But some brewers can tame and reign in the wild beast and produce some delightfully nuanced beer.

With that usage of brett comes a wonderfully strong, almost Belgian, biscuit aroma. In terms of gigantic hoppiness, it’s there a little. Yes, it’s got some bitterness, but it’s more of the Belgian-esque sweetness with the tang that comes from the yeast.It’s a great example of Due South ability to brew a great beer and of Wild Oak’s ability to expertly craft wonderful yeast flavor out of something most other brewers prefer to avoid.

I don’t get a lot of brett beers, but if they’re like this, I definitely like to try more want more.

Drink Florida Craft,




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