Wynwood Brewing films episode of Brew Dogs

I sure wish I could have gone to this.

Flight of beers at Wynwood Brewing

Flight of beers at Wynwood Brewing

Recently, Miami’s award-winning Wynwood Brewing and its founder Luis Brigoni paid host to Brew Dogs, the show on Esquire hosted by Scottish brewers and Brew Dog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie.

Brew Dogs hosts Martin Dickie (L) and James Watt filming in Wynwood. Image courtesy of Miami New Times.

As part of the filming, the brewers created a keg of Ultimate Vice Miami, described by Brigoni as “a wheat porter that is fermented with a hefeweizen yeast with maduros (sweet plaintains), key limes and aged in a rum barrel from Key West.”

Pop’s Porter, their gold medal-winning porter, served as inspiration, along with Miami’s prohobition-era rum running history.

The Miami episode of Brew Dogs will air on Esquire sometime in late May-early June and will feature clips of other Florida breweries like J. Wakefield, Funky Buddha, Saltwater Brewery, and Due South Brewing.

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