Brew Review – Grass is Greener by Green Room and Grasslands

A little more North Florida love today. And finally some Tallahassee!

So I’ve heard about Green Room Brewing, based out of Jacksonville Beach. They’re starting to make some waves up north (no pun intended for those of you who have seen their logo). They have a nicely extensive tap list in their tap room.

What I hadn’t heard about is Tallahassee’s soon-to-open Grasslands Brewing. I’m fairly interested in this brewery, since they have a very strong emphasis on environmental conservation and keeping their ingredients as organic as possible as often as possible. They’re not open yet, but from the sound of things, it will be pretty soon.

And I definitely didn’t know they had collaborated on a quintessentially Florida-tasting IPA, one named in such a way to craft the two names of these breweries in a pretty creative fashion: Grass Is Greener (Imperial IPA, 8.5% ABV, 80 IBU

Oaked Aged Black IPA by Tequesta Brewing

Grass is Greener by Grasslands Brewing/Green Room Brewing

This was brewed with good ol’ Uncle Brett (brettanomyces) yeast. That yeast adds my favorite aroma of Belgian ale/sweet bread/wet sock, and brings a classic Belgian sweetness to the beer. Not very much, though. It’s still unmistakeably a pale ale, and has a moderate hoppy bitterness that lasts through the finish of the beer. There is a light citrus finish, and a whole lot of drinkability to this beer.


Drink Florida Craft,




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