Homebrewing – Daddy Brews

You will need to look for this sign. And once you find it, you will be happy, for there is homebrewing equipment inside.

The Daddy Brews sign.

The Daddy Brews sign.

So one of the closest homebrewing stores for me is Daddy Brews, a full service, one-stop shop for pretty much anything beer related needed. It’s in kinda North Miami, just off the Palmetto Expressway on Bird Rd. If you’ve ever been to Santa’s Enchanted Forest, it’s on the other side of the expressway. Basically, the large collection of warehouses and auto repair stores is becoming almost a mini-Wynwood, named the Bird Rd. Art District. It’s where you’ll see the above sign.

And if this sign is outside, you'll be in good hands.

And if this sign is outside, you’ll be in good hands.

Once inside, the warehouse-sized space has a lot of supplies filling up the area. There’s a pretty good selection of equipment, adjuncts, recipe kits, and a lot of malts with a do-it-yourself mill.

Many, many malts to be had.

Many, many malts to be had.

What I found interesting was their fairly big selection of bottles and taps from around the state and around the country. They had local brews, such as the new 6-packs from Funky Buddha, but I was also impressed with the Cigar City bombers of beers like Puppy’s Breath Porter. I hadn’t seen it down here. They have the capability for a pretty nice little tap list, but it was being renovated when I was there, so I wasn’t able to sample any beers. Sad.

More from the inside of Daddy Brews.

More from the inside of Daddy Brews.

They also have weekly classes, each showing you how to brew a specific beer. They mentioned a coupon on Groupon about 2-for-1 classes, but you may need to ask them about that.

In all, I was pretty impressed. I have a Tim Hortons coffee porter I’m getting ready to make,and they were able to help me through adding the coffee and selecting the best malts to use. They definitely know their stuff.

I will admit, I’m curious about the name, though.

Drink Florida Craft,




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