Brew Review – Irish Stout by The Mack House

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.

Not that I’m Irish or anything. Heck, most people that ‘celebrate’ St. Patty’s Day aren’t Irish. One step further, they don’t even drink Irish beer. they drink standard cheap American ‘beer’ that someone put green food coloring in, which I find abhorrent, personally. Ireland has plenty of good beer; drink that.

Pictured: The true face of evil.

Luckily, there are Florida brewers that are embracing and brewing the joys of the traditional Irish Stout. One of those is Davie’s Mack House, one of my favorite little nanobreweries. Head brewer Justin Miles has thankfully whipped up a good, local recipe for one of my favorite beer styles, the venerable Irish Stout (Stout, 4.5% ABV, 40 IBU).

Irish Stout by The Mack House

Irish Stout by The Mack House

Just look at that head, will you? It’s thick, foamy, and sticks on the side of the glass like butter. Yes, I had a sip before I took the picture above.

This beer is a classic Irish Stout without all of the nasty fish bladder nonsense. It’s got a great, clean, dark roasted aroma, and it drinks fantastically smooth. Very clean, very malty, just a touch of hops, with a big, deep finish. It’s immensely sessionable but still very rich and tasty.

I know The Mack House is using this beer as the stepping off point for some of their treatments this month, which is definitely worth a visit. I also know this won’t be a standard tap release for them, which is a shame. It’s such a great, classic beer.

And you don’t have to color it green, either.





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