Brew Review – Up Top! IPA by JDub’s Brewing Co.

I would honestly think that searching for a company called JDub’s would be easy. How many JDubs can there be?

Answer: A ton. There’s a JDubs burger ‘barn,’ a JDub’s metal sign shop, a coffee roaster, a North Carolina pizzeria, a volleyball photographer, and so on. But the JDub’s I want is JDub’s Brewing Company in Sarasota, FL.

That’s so much more interesting that sheet metal, isn’t it? Logo courtesy of JDub’s Brewing Co.

While their website is missing a few pages, it’s evident that this brewery has a few notable differences. For starters, they’re veteran owned. It’s around a lot on their page. Two, they don’t use any extracts in their beers. I don’t really know of any Florida breweries that do use extracts in their beers, but JDub’s makes a point to mention this on their site. This, of course, makes me wonder about other Florida breweries…

Finally, they have a street team. Only their street team is less about promoting the beer and more about doing charitable work in the community. That’s actually a pretty neat idea. It’s a combination of JDub’s employees and community volunteers. At the end of the day, as a reward, JDub’s opens up a keg of what I can surmise is their signature brew (and the only beer of theirs I can find canned at the present time), Up Top! IPA (American IPA, 6.5% ABV).

Up Top IPA by JDub's Brewing Co.

Up Top IPA by JDub’s Brewing Co.

It has a bright orange color that I really found appealing. Unfiltered, can’t really see through it, and it helps to sort of energize the color more. It’s very neon, or as neon as a beer gets. For an IPA, it doesn’t have the big, hop-forward aroma that almost every other IPA has. It’s more like a pilsner almost. Very clean, lightly hoppy, and big on maltiness.

When it comes to the taste, yes, there will be hops. Some big hop bitterness. But (and they mention this on the can), it’s not meant to be overly bitter. It’s more of an English IPA than a giant, brutal West Coaster. Slightly floral, slightly citrusy, slightly malty, but mostly hops.

It’s a good, mild IPA and a great introduction to this Gulf Coast-based brewery. It’s almost a shame I couldn’t get my hands on anything else from them.

Gotta make another trip to the Gulf Coast…

Drink Florida Craft,




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