Brew Review – Peat Sematary by MIA Brewing

Here’s your earworm for the day:

And I put it there since I know for a fact that MIA Brewing’s brewer Piero named the beer for today’s brew review after this song. Because Ramones, of course. MIA, if you know about the beer scene in South Florida, is picking up a lot of steam. A lot. And one of their brewers, the aforementioned Piero, likes to listen to a lot of good ol’ fashioned vinyl while he brews. Sometimes he gets inspiration for the beers from the music. And one of those beers, or at least the name of the beer, is the ever so slightly different Peat Sematary (Pale Ale, 6% ABV)

Peat Sematary by M.I.A. Brewing

Peat Sematary by M.I.A. Brewing

I actually may have found my favorite pale ale. Obviously, right off the bat this doesn’t look like your typical golden Pale. It’s dark, very porter-esque. And they used a lot of dark malts in this beer, including some that had a little peat smoking (usually reserved for whiskey). The brew was also created with Azacca hops. Azacca hops were developed only a few years ago and feature a high fruity flavor and a smooth bitterness.

And this beer features the smooth bitterness quite nicely. It’s got a big malt sweetness that actually accentuates the fruit flavors in the hop a lot, but with a slight smokiness to the aftertaste as well. The hop is present and it’s strong, but it is very well maintained both by the malt and the nature of the Azacca hop. This isn’t a killer hop the way something like Citra would be. It’s more like the fruitier cousin of Northern Brewer.

I tell you, MIA Brewing is doing a lot of really good stuff right now. It’s worth a drive to Doral to take a look.

And, of course, get Piero to play some vinyl for you. C’mon, it’s the Ramones…

Drink Florida Craft (and get me sedated),




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