Brew Review – Crossing Streams by MIA Brewing and Coppertail Brewing

I’m sure someone knows how this occurred, but I never expected two new(ish) breweries so far away from each other to be collaborating so quickly.

The two breweries in question are Doral‘s M.I.A. Brewing and Coppertail Brewing in Tampa. These two recently teamed up, with the Coppertail team making the 6 or so hour drive from Ybor City to Doral to meet up with M.I.A. and throw a little love the way of Ghostbusters. Seriously. It’s all because their beer is named, interestingly enough, Crossing Streams (IPA, 7% ABV).

Crossing Streams by MIA Brewing and Coppertail Brewing

Crossing Streams by MIA Brewing and Coppertail Brewing

I was pretty stoked to see these two breweries were getting together. Like I said, I never expected it at all. And, if you know anything about Coppertail or MIA, you know they both have distinct graphics for their beers. And yet, both were shunned for this, the label for their soon-to-release bomber bottles:

The Crossing Streams label.

Okay, Ghostbusters. Got it. How’s the beer?

First of all, a big floral nose hits you. It’s not overly aggressive, but very prominent and very refreshing. The color is nice and golden; not overly yellow but not as straw-colored as a pale ale or kolsch would be.

As for the taste, I was pleasantly surprised. I have never been a big IPA fan, but I should have expected a beer from both of these breweries to be exemplary and infinitely drinkable. For the IPA fans, yes. Hops are there. But it’s not a bright, citrusy hoppiness. This is more of a floral, mature, earthy hop. It reminds me a lot of 3 Daughters’ Bimini Twist. It also melds exceptionally well with the malts, giving the beer a bready, nuanced sweetness.

In all, it’s a beer that shows off the detailed techniques and superb brewing capabilities of one brewery that plays old school vinyl while they brew and another named for a possibly fictional creature swimming in Tampa Bay.

Dr. Venkman is wrong. Cross the streams all you want.

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