Brew Review – The Dark Woods by Cigar City Brewing

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So, I’m a fan of Cigar City. I’m a fan of Tampa. I’m a fan of porters. But I can’t recall anything in Tampa looking close to dark and woodsy. So, with a little confusion and a lot of excitement (and a little Sondheim stuck in my head, oddly enough), I ordered a bit of Cigar City’s The Dark Woods (Imperial Porter, 8.8% ABV).

The Dark Woods by Cigar City Brewing

The Dark Woods by Cigar City Brewing

This thing’s almost black. Look at it; light cannot escape this beer. And when you smell it, the aroma is big, very roasty and heavy.

And it should be. The Dark Woods has a big alcohol content and giant roasted malts that were accented with HBC 291 and Pacifica hops. The entire thing is then aged on a mixture of Sugar Maple, American Oak, and French Oak. All of this ensures an aggressive roasted character to the beer. It has a heavy coffee note to it, one that really comes through thanks to the dark malts. It’s not an overly hoppy beer, but it definitely packs one heck of a punch.

Maybe you should be afraid of the Dark Woods. Especially if you’re more of a lighter beer drinker.

I just don’t know where those big, scary woods are in Tampa…

Drink Florida Craft,




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