Brew Review – Harwick’s Ale by The Mack House

A bit of a sad story from Davie’s Mack House, and it centers on today’s brew review: Harwick’s Ale (Belgian IPA, 9% ABV).

Harwick's Ale by The Mack House

Harwick’s Ale by The Mack House

According to Head Brewer Justin Miles, Harwick was an early customer of The Mack House. He was a pretty loyal customer too, coming in almost every day. Recently, though Harwick passed away very young.

As a tribute, The Mack House created this Belgian IPA for him. It’s quite complicated; It’s a belgian that’s been liberally hopped with Sorachi Ace hops. The yeast they used, however, was a saison yeast. Plus, right at flameout, big amounts of Florida grapefruit were added.

What you get is a bold, fruity, strong hop bomb. It has a crisp, citrusy aroma with a hint of a rough undertone. Tasting definitely favors the grapefruit and hops. Those flavors are strong, forward, and very, very prominent. They also linger quite nicely, aided by a rather high alcohol content.

Basically, this beer is a brassy statement of bigh IPA and grapefruit flavor. Harwick would be proud.

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