Brew Review – Keegan Bradley by Golf Beer Co.

Disclaimer – I don’t golf. Never golfed any farther than putt putt on International Drive in Orlando. Never had any great desire to do so, either. It looks expensive and incredibly complicated. So please don’t hate me when I said that, as of a few months ago, I had no idea who Keegan Bradley was.

Pictured – The aforementioned Keegan Bradley

According to a five-second Google search, he’s from Vermont, has won several PGA Tour events, and hails from a major golf family. All of which I can’t readily decipher, so I apologize.

But, and this is the important part, he’s friends with other golfers Freddie Jacobson and Graeme McDowell. All of them followed Jacobson’s idea and created Golf Beer Brewing Co., a line of three beers inspired by each one’s heritage and, well, preferred beer.

And, since they all apparently maintain homes in Florida, the golf capital of the world, Golf Beer Brewing is firmly based in Florida. Central Florida, in fact. The three golfers contracted Lakeland’s Brew Hub to create, brew, and distribute the beers. BrewHub is good for making good beer; I’ve mentioned them before.

So. We have three beers created by three golfers in Central Florida. How good could they possibly be?

Well, in Keegan Bradley’s (American Amber, 4.5% ABV) case, pretty darn good.

Keegan Bradley's by Golf Beer Co

Keegan Bradley’s by Golf Beer Co

Much like other beers from BrewHub, Keegan Bradley’s is a light amber ale with a very light, honey hue. It is remarkably malty sweet, reminiscent almost of a mead in the dark clover and honey-like taste. There’s a light hop bitterness, and just a touch of yeast, but it’s mostly the malt sugars that are coming through.

To be honest, it’s a great starter beer to bring drinkers into craft beer. It’s very mild, has a great dulcet flavor that lingers ever so gently on the palate, and isn’t harsh and bitter or brutally hoppy.

But, you can only find it in Florida. So, if you’re interested, it may be time to fly down for a golf vacation. I’ll meet you on the Back 9.

I’ll be between the volcano and the chomping gator.

Drink Florida Craft,




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