Brew Review – Poolside by JDub’s Brewing Co.

So, Sarasota is gorgeous. I heartily recommend you go sometime. Beautiful, sunny beaches. But, of course, you can always lay out by the poolside.

And all of that adds up to one of the most awkward introductions I’ve ever written. I apologize to the good people at JDub’s Brewing in Sarasota. Your Poolside (Kolsch, 4.5% ABV) deserves better than that.

Poolside by JDub's Brewing Company

Poolside by JDub’s Brewing Company

And I wholeheartedly stand behind that statement; this is an excellent beer. I’m starting to come to the realization that I am particularly fond of the Kolsch style, and that brewers on the west coast of Florida just know how to make a darn good one.

Poolside is no exception. It’s intensely light and crisp, with big notes of honey sweetness in the aroma right when you get that first sniff.

From there, the beer has a great big, almost meaty maltiness to it. it’s not excessively fruity or hoppy; those elements tend to be replaced with a more earthy, mature maltiness to it. Sort of how caramel is to sugar. It’s not excessively sweet-forward. You have to hunt around for it and when you get there, it’s very nuanced.

That nuanced dark flavor hangs around just a bit on the palate. And since it’s beautifully light and clocking in at less than 5% ABV, it is perfect for big, warm Florida days.

I would love to see JDub’s can this. It is a quintessential summer beer.

Regardless of where you drink it.

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