Brew Review – Schweddy Balls by The Mack House

Admit it, you love this:

Yep. Sooo… it falls to Davie‘s Mack House to make Schweddy Balls (Porter, 8.5% ABV) into an awesome peanut butter and sea salt beer.

Schweddy Balls by The Mack House

Schweddy Balls by The Mack House

Yep. Schweddy Balls.

Now, this beer is actually in its second incarnation. It started as a treatment of Mack House’s great chocolate stout Nib Slip. The problem is, Nib Slip is such a big, bold beer that the other flavors got a little lost. So, back to the drawing board. And what they came back with was a treatment of their new needs-to-be-on-permanent-rotation Irish Stout.

Much better. The Irish Stout is a fantastic beer to begin with, and the peanut and salt flavors really shine through. Nothing tends to overpower anything else, though. it really is reminiscent of a peanut roll, or whatever the real Schweddy Balls were supposed to be.

The only problem is that Schweddy Balls is a limited time part of their Special Release Sundays. But here’s hoping it’ll come around again soon.

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