Brew Review – Hillbilly Highlander by 3 Daughters

I do a lot of talking about St. Pete’s 3 Daughters Brewing, and it’s for a simple reason: They brew good beer. They’re one of the many, many Florida breweries that produce and distribute their standard beers in cans, but send special releases out in 22 oz. bombers.

And because they’re all wonderful people, I was able to get a hold of their latest special release, the very interestingly titled Hillbilly Highlander (Wee Heavy, 8% ABV).

Hillbilly Highlander by 3 Daughters Brewing

Hillbilly Highlander by 3 Daughters Brewing

I would love to know what malts head brewer Ty Weaver used in this beer. Out of the variety of Scotch Ales that I’ve had, this is the one that tastes the most like scotch whiskey. And yes, I know the name of the beer doesn’t really have anything to do with whiskey. But I’m telling you, both the nose and the flavor of this deeply robust beer have much of the dark, maple-esque qualities that a good whiskey has.

And it’s strong. I know 8% doesn’t seem like a ton, especially when compared to many of the killer DIPAs on the market. But the alcohol content, coupled with a heavy spirit bouquet, really makes the beer hit heavily.

I really have no idea how the name of this beer came about. It’s a little weird, but behind it is a great, strong, malty beer that I truly enjoyed. They should still have bottles available at the brewery; go get one.

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2 thoughts on “Brew Review – Hillbilly Highlander by 3 Daughters

  1. Since your latest reviews posted were for 3 Daughters and Big Storm, I thought I’d ask you a question. I tried 3 Daughters Beach blonde for the first time from the can recently. I noticed a metallic bitter taste at the end. I then had a Big Storm Wavemaker from the can and noticed the same thing. I didn’t notice it when I had Wavemaker from the tap at Big Storm’s tasting room. I have not noticed this in Cigar City’s cans such as Maduro Brown. Have you noticed this? I was starting to wonder if 3 Daughters and Big Storm share the same can supplier and there’s an issue with the quality of those cans.


    • Hey there. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You may have just gotten a bad batch; I’ve never really had a bad can of either of those, and yet I’ve heard of that happening even with Cigar City, too. That’s a shame; both of those beers are excellent.


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