Brew Review – Wheat Stroke by Coppertail Brewing

I almost hate to start a blog post like this, but I can’t really go very far into drinking a Coppertail Brewing beer and writing about it without mentioning the artwork on the bottle.

Wheat Stroke by Coppertail Brewing

Wheat Stroke by Coppertail Brewing

There’s just so much going on, and I know the picture above doesn’t completely do it justice. But I think the guy is a runner, you can’t see the pelican with headphones, then there’s that big It’s a Small World-esque sun, and just a lot of details. All of it for Wheat Stroke (Hefeweizen; 5% ABV), their classic hefeweizen.

Actually, it’s more of a pale wheat ale. It doesn’t have the giant candy fruit aromas of banana that many classic hefeweizens have. A little less sweet, a little sharper bite.

The aroma is clean and biting. It’s a very crisp smell, and lends beautifully with a slightly malty, slightly hoppy, dark citrus flavor that lingers just a bit before fading. It’s not heavy at all, which makes it a great beer for a hot Florida summer day.

Especially if you’re running with what looks like a mermaid with a horn full of water, there’s just a lot going on with that artwork. It’s very detailed. I’m sure I haven’t seen all of the details yet.

Wheat Stroke label.

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