Brew Review – The Black Current by SaltWater Brewery

Note: This review actually took place during SaltWater Brewery’s recent Mass Confusion event. I’m working on the write up for it; it’ll be up soon.

During the Mass Confusion event at SaltWater Brewery in Delray Beach, the brewers had around 20 different treatments of their Don’t Get Confused Belgian ale. But, as most breweries do with events like this, there were still some non-event brewery standards and special releases available.

That’s a good thing. SaltWater had some other beers I had wanted to try. I settled, after about 6 different Don’t Get Confused treatments, on The Black Current (Strong Ale, 10% ABV).

The Black Current by SaltWater Brewery

The Black Current by SaltWater Brewery

It’s tough going from Belgian dubbels to an American Strong Ale, sort of like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. They’re both incredibly strong and rich. But with this beer, and the additions it has, there’s a wonderful dark mellowness to it.

The Black Current uses black currant and is aged on local seagrape wood. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beer aged on seagrape wood, but it does a great job in lowering the tart, berry flavors from the black currant. What is left is a very mature, very robust, almost Cabernet-like flavor that is nice and darkly rich. Also, according to SaltWater’s head brewer Dustin Jeffers, all of the seagrape wood they use is sourced from a local tree removal company. Since it is all salvaged, they don’t cut any down specifically for the beer. SaltWater great for supporting environmentality, as well as making darn good beer.

It’s a beautifully cultivated flavor for a beer, and I can see how aging in additional woods and blending could really open this beer up. But it is a seasonal, so you may want to head there sooner before it’s gone.

Now, can I eat seagrapes?

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