Brew Review – Watermelon Saison by Twisted Trunk

A few years ago, I saw a brewery that I particularly enjoy had a watermelon wheat ale. They had already finished the keg, unfortunately, and hadn’t changed out the menu, all of which I found out the hard way when I tried to order the beer. The server, however, let me know I was lucky, since it wasn’t (in their opinion) very good.

And for some reason, that little interaction unfairly colored my opinion about watermelon beer for a long time. I hadn’t had one, but I was under the impression they weren’t very good.

Fast forward to a few months ago when Fran Andrewlevitch, Matt Webster, and the rest of the team at Palm Beach County’s Tequesta Brewing opened a new brewing venture, Twisted Trunk Brewing. It’s still very, very new, but has already started some distribution.

And wouldn’t you know, one of the beers they distributed is a watermelon beer, Watermelon Saison (Saison, 4.2% ABV). And of course I had to try some.

Watermelon Saison by Twisted Trunk

Watermelon Saison by Twisted Trunk

I am so very happy I tried some. So very happy.

It’s got a nice, light straw color, which was very different than the pinkish hue I somehow expected. The aroma is light, sweet, and very snappy, very much a classic saison.

And the taste is fantastic. It has a big watermelon flavor. It’s lightly sweet, more of a moderate juiciness than a Jolly Rancher tartness or a soda-like syrupyness. It’s still evidently a light beer, not snow cone syrup (thankfully). The hoppiness and maltiness are both very, very light.

This is basically the perfect Florida summer beer, and I sincerely hope Twisted Trunk can get a canning line soon. I would love to have a six-pack or two of this.

And I’d give another to that server, too.

Drink Florida Craft,




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