Event preview – Delray Beach Craft Beer Fest

Note: Bookmark this page. I am going to be continually updating this with information as I get it in.

Mostly because I am excited for the upcoming Delray Beach Craft Beer Fest, coming up on Friday, May 8th.

There are a lot, and I do mean a lot, of breweries from around the state that will be represented. Some of which I still haven’t tried yet, so I’m pretty excited about that. The Beer Fest web site has a nice rundown of the breweries that will be there. As for who is bringing what beers, that’s what I’m trying to find out for you. Here’s what I have found out so far:

  • BrewHub will be represented with offerings from Golf Beer Co. and KeyBilly.
  • Lagerhead Brewing will have:
    • Session IPA
    • Coffeepot Porter
    • Honey Blonde
    • Honey Blonde treated with jalapeno and basil.
  • Miami’s Descarga Brewing will be bringing:
    • Fuki Fuki (a mango saison with peat-smoked malts)
    • Saison Compeleta (hoppy honey saison)
    • Ducha de Oro (Belgian Golden Strong Ale)
  • Orange Blossom Brewing Co. will be with their standards (in pretty new cans, too!)
  • South Florida stalwart Funky Buddha will be there with:
  • Wild Oak, a new brewery in Palm Beach County that’s been generating a lot of buzz, is going to be there with Some awesome stuff:
    • Blu-Tang Clan (Ain’t Nuthing to Funk Wit) is a 7% ABV American Wild Ale that was first fermented with Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces, then aged with additions of blueberry and passionfruit
    • Grape and Pillage is a 7.2% ABV American Wild Ale with white grapes, barrel aged in French Oak
    • Brett the Farm is a 6.5% ABV pale ale, 100% brewed with brettanomyces
    • Finally, there will be bottles of Dark Tranquility, an 8.3% wild stout aged in Rye Whiskey barrels
  • Tampa’s Coppertail Brewing will be there with their four core beers:
  • Islamorada Beer Co. will be arriving with some of their standards. Stand by, because there should be some fun stuff from them coming soon.
  • Holy Waters will also be there, bringing:
    • Session Pale Ale
    • ENVY Chocolate Malt Pale Ale
    • TKF (Tijuana Knife Fight), a spicy Mexican Celebration Porter
    • GREED Ameri-Koln Ale
    • Double English Brown
  • SaltWater Brewery, where I found out about this event, will be there with a few things:
    • Screamin’ Reels
    • South End
    • Vanilla Oak Dry Hopped South End
    • Tinc’d Out Turtle
    • Sea Cow w/ Randall
    • Guava Don’t Get Confused
    • Oh, and they are also going to have a pre-party at the brewery featuring kegs of Grapefruit Screamin’ Reels, Don’t Get Stung (Stinger and Don’t Get Confused Blend), Green Bench Brewery’s Wild Heart (Brett Pale Ale w/ Galaxy Hops), plus Funky Buddha’s More Moro Blood Orange IPA

Don’t worry; there’s a lot more than this to come. If you see me, swing by and say hi! Have fun!

Drink (lots of) Florida Craft,




3 thoughts on “Event preview – Delray Beach Craft Beer Fest

  1. Dave, I’m looking forward to seeing some of your content for tomorrow’s Delray Beach event. Are you aware of similar craft beer events closer to Orlando by chance? Thanks!


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