Brew Review – Razzmatazz by JDubs Brewing Co.

I always have a special place in my heart for wheat ales, especially since a wheat ale is what got me started in craft beer in the first place. I also enjoy it when brewers add lots of big fruity flavors to their wheats. More often than not, that fruit tends to be citrus of some kind. Occasionally I’ll get something else, which is where JDubs Brewing from Sarasota comes in with their Razzmatazz (Pale Wheat Ale, 3.9%ABV).

Razzmatazz by JDub's Brewing Co.

Razzmatazz by JDub’s Brewing Co.

If the name didn’t clue you into the fact this beer was going to pack a raspberry punch, the color will. It has a gorgeous pink-orange hue to it. The aroma matches, with a nice fruity tang on the nose.

Interestingly enough, the taste isn’t overly sweet. It’s not like drinking a Sprite. The raspberry flavor is light and respectable. It really is a masterful touch of berry, and not an overly heavy or syrupy bombardment. It’s refreshing, and there isn’t a high amount of traditional banana-clove hefeweizen flavors in the beer to fight over.

This is very similar to JDub’s kolsch Poolside In that it’s very flavorful, light, crisp, and would be incredible for a warm summer day.

But can it also count as a serving of fruit? Who do I contact about this?

Drink Florida Craft,




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