Brew Review – Diver Down by BrewHub

A little while ago, I talked about Keybilly Island Ale, a beer brewed by the do-it-all BrewHub in Lakeland, Florida. Brewhub brews beers for a number of in and out-of-state companies, but recently they started their ‘Craft Collection,’ a selection of beers that are exclusive to them. Keybilly was the first, and I had wondered if there were any other beers coming.

I didn’t have long to wait. Two more in the BrewHub Craft Collection have just been released, and they have an interesting aquatic theme to them. The first of the two I’m going to cover is Diver Down (Red Ale, 8.5% ABV, 40 IBU).

Diver Down by BrewHub

Diver Down by BrewHub

First of all, there’s a gorgeous deep reddish amber color to the beer, with a nice creamy head. It’s a gorgeous looking beer. I was concerned this beer would have a big, brutal hoppy flavor, since all the reds I’ve had seem to be either very sweet and malty or heavily hoppy. Well, this one went more malty, thankfully. The nose is a big, buttery caramel wave that hits quite strongly.

The taste is nice and smooth, however. It’s very cereal and bready malty, with a sweetness coming from a perfect brewed two-row caramel Munich barley. It’s rich and very, very smooth; little to no bite at all from a well-controlled Willamette and Magnum hop addition. I wouldn’t say this is a sessionable beer, however. It drinks quite heavy and, at 8.5% ABV, will make even the hardiest drinker feel it quite a bit.

Florida is quite the haven for diving. And, as a young diver in a former life, it’s cute to see a Florida beer acknowledge this. Diving theme aside, the beer is great and as long as I’m ready for how big it is, I would drink plenty more.

As long as I find a place to go down afterward.

Drink Florida Craft,




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