Brew Review – Riveter Red by Orlando Brewing at DB Craft Beer Fest

The beer in today’s beer review is doubly interesting to me. First, the beer was inspired by Rosie the Riveter, which is bizarre since I am currently doing a bit of research on Rosie the Riveter. Second, the team behind this beer was entirely female, which is interesting since I just found out I’m having a baby girl.

Kismet, I guess.

Orlando Brewing, which is obviously based in Orlando, is the first entirely organic brewery in the state. Their production reach is pretty big, which is why I’ve been able to try a good many of their beers without having been to the brewery itself yet. I need to correct that.

Anyway, at the recent Delray Beach Craft Beer fest at Delray Beach Center For the Arts, There were two Orlando Brewing taps available for sampling. One was I-4 IPA, which I’ve had. It’s good, but the other tap I hadn’t tried before. Naturally I went for that one, Riveter Red (Amber Ale, 5.3% ABV, 31 IBU).

Riveter Red by Orlando Brewing

Riveter Red by Orlando Brewing

This is an American Red Ale, which I’ve always seen go one of two ways. First, a red ale can be insanely hoppy and big with notes of bitterness. Riveter Red has one foot there, with a moderate citrus aroma and sharp bitterness from Citra hops, the only hop used in the beer.

But it also has a nice, sweet maltiness, which is the other way I’ve seen Amber ales go. It’s slightly bready with a dark, caramel sugariness. Plus, if that wasn’t all, the beer is complemented with the additions of organic lavender and organic rose hips, both locally sourced close to the brewery. These additions provide an expertly blended compliment to the Citra hops and malt used. In all, the beer has a great mix of intricate flavors perfectly mixed into a wonderful beer.

And it was brewed completely by women because women are awesome.

True. Riveter Red is the latest in Orlando Brewing’s Babes’ Brew series. Basically, all of the women on Orlando Brewing’s staff (and only the women) create the recipe, brew the beer, and bottle & keg the beer. Since it was a red ale, the ladies decided to name if after the iconic World War II-era icon Rosie the Riveter. It’s a fitting tribute to the women working in the war effort, and a great testament to the expert brewers on Orlando Brewing’s staff.

Who knows, maybe my daughter-to-be will join them one day…

Drink Florida Craft,




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