Brew Review – Mal De Ojo by MIA Brewing

If you’ve ever been to a Catholic Church (or the hispanic section of any Florida grocery store), you’ll notice really tall glass-enclosed candles, possibly with some sort of saint on it. That is known as a veladora.

Predictably, these veladoras are a fixture in South Florida. And it’s the inspiration for Doral’s MIA Brewing’s Veladora series of Berliner Weisse sour beers.

Of the series, I managed to get my hands on one of them, Mal De Ojo (Berliner Weisse, 4% ABV), at Ft. Lauderdale’s Riverside Market.

Mal De Ojo by MIA Brewing

Mal De Ojo by MIA Brewing

I don’t really understand why a Berliner Weisse was released whose name roughly translates to the Evil Eye. There’s certainly nothing evil about it.

The beer has a beautiful, hazy straw color and pours with just a light head. The taste is a wonderfully classic Berliner. It’s got a moderate sourness and big flavors of citrus, especially lemon, some orange, and a bit of lime. Not that those are in the beer, but those flavors and aroma immediately come to mind when drinking the beer.

I am thoroughly convinced that sour beers are the future of Miami-Dade beer, and MIA Brewing has at least one excellent example.

Even if the name is a little scary.

Drink Florida Craft,


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