Brew Review – Pirata Pils by Darwin Brewing Co.

I am fully aware of how dangerous it is to assume something. But I am going to hazard a guess that I have two very strong ideas on how the name of today’s beer came about.

It comes from Darwin Brewing, the Bradenton-based brewer whose beers tend to be very strongly influenced by their head brewer’s Peruvian background and cooking style. Guess number one is, especially when you look at the label art, that piracy, or the concept of European explorers pirating the essence of early South American peoples had one influence on the beer and its name.

The other influence is the fact that the Pittsburgh Pirates hold spring training right across the street from the brewery. That’s the other place I’m convinced Pirata Pils (Pilsner, 4.9% ABV) got its name.

Pirata Pils by Darwin Brewing

Pirata Pils by Darwin Brewing

It’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s classic in every sense of the word.

It pours a beautifully clear pale gold color. The Saaz hops, from Bavaria, are noticeable, but not overpowering. What you get is a nice pop of bitterness followed by a bready malty character from German Pilsner and Acid malts. Basically, this is what the mass-produced beers want to be. Big, rounded, matured, and balanced flavor.

Darwin Brewing is doing a lot of really great things in Bradenton. If you can get past the desire to make cheesy Johnny Depp references and faux-pirate jokes, there’s a darn good pint of beer waiting.

Insert fake pirate noises here at your own risk, though.

Drink Florida Craft,




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