Brew Review – Grapefruit Gose by Florida Avenue Brewing

I am starting to love sours. Really love them. And I’ve told many people that I really do believe that sours are the beer of Florida, especially Miami-Dade County.

That last sentence is ironic, since today’s beer was brewed in Tampa by Florida Avenue Brewing. I first found their bottles in Sarasota, and they have been steadily moving south ever since.

One of the places they moved into is Ft. Lauderdale’s incredible Riverside Market. There’s even a really, really cool Florida Avenue flag on the wall there. I really want that flag. But, on a recent trip, they had some Florida Avenue on tap. This is why I passed over DogFish Head 120 min. IPA so I could get Grapefruit Gose (Gose, 4.6% ABV, 10 IBU).

Grapefruit Gose by Florida Avenue Brewing

Grapefruit Gose by Florida Avenue Brewing

I don’t like grapefruit. I really don’t.

I liked this beer.

It’s interesting, but the overly aggressive tartness from your standard grapefruit isn’t really present in this beer. Instead, there’s a light and soft citrus aroma and taste to the beer. It could get too sour and tart, but the rest of the beer keeps that in check quite nicely. Instead, the beer becomes a very easy to drink pale ale-esque brew that pours an incredibly light and hazy yellow, has just a kiss of hops, and maybe a bit more malt character. Not much, though. It still remains light, smooth, and easy to quaff a few on a sunny afternoon.

As I said before, I’m impressed with everything that is coming out of Florida Avenue Brewing. I’m also happy they are starting to show up more in South Florida.

I also want one of those flags.

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